Brazil’s Most Popular Football Team, Flamengo, Launches Fan Token With

Brazilian football looks ready to flex its digitally savvy and copious fan group to expand an innovative fan experience.

Most Popular in Samba Football added another partnership to its growing list of famous footballing teams, this time inking Flamengo, the most popular football club from Brazil. 

The partnership was confirmed on September 3rd through an official post by Flamengo and will keep the two contractually together until 2025. The partnership will include a host of new marketing opportunities for and Flamengo.

“The new official sponsor of [Flamengo] will also have the brand’s exposure on the training shirt of the professional men’s soccer team and on the game mantle of the women’s team and youth categories, as well as a media package on FlaTV and in the Flamengo’s social networks, in the properties of birthday posts and professional men’s squad,” the team announcement read in Portuguese.

The move doubles as a user acquisition and helps the team stay innovative in the sports industry. Fan tokens allow users to interact on a deeper level with their teams. Other teams’ tokens have allowed users to decide what music will be played on matchday or even how the kit may look in the coming season. 


Digital Fan Power 

The Rio de Janeiro-based club boasts the most registered fans––torcedores–– in Brazil, with over 40 million. will be able to give millions of fans a brand new mechanism to show their love and support.

The partnership will also give some of the best brand exposure in Brazil. Flamengo recently posted impressive social media numbers. In August, they were the top football team in South America across Twitter, and the most popular sports team in all of the Americas on Facebook––by far. 

The team saw 3.24 Million Facebook interactions in August. The Los Angeles Lakers NBA team came in second at 2.51 Million interactions. The rest of the top five were all Brazilian football teams.

These stats either show Brazilians love Facebook or that other countries don’t market so well on the platform. Either way, It definitely seems like the Flamengo fans are digitally savvy and will be ready to tackle the fan token’s arrival. 

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