Boxer Inu – Bringing Security to the Meme Community

Introducing Boxer Inu

Launched by an anonymous team, Boxer Inu is a first-mover in partnering with UFC fighters and Boxing legends. Boxer raised 3,000 BNB in its presale which indicates it has begun to build a strong community. Boxer Inu incorporates buybacks and burns as a deflationary measure to ensure their token maintains its value. 

$BOXER, the native token of the protocol, has 10xed since its launch.

Boxer Inu was launched with the purpose of bringing some security and trust into the meme community. Most deflationary and RFI tokens these days don’t have any use cases or utility but Boxer Inu seeks to maintain transparency, honesty, and technicality.

Boxer Inu brings to its community a bunch of products on which development has already started. 

Their main priority is the development of the Boxer Ecosystem. This has been started with the development of Baby Boxer.

What is Baby Boxer?

Baby Boxer is the first token to be launched on the Boxer Ecosystem. It is stylized as the son of Boxer Inu. Boxer Inu began its journey as a simple Inu-tagged token with creative marketing, the backing of a good community, and  a highly-professional development team.

Boxer Inu, the father of Baby Boxer, has achieved a lot since its conception: a 3,000 BNB presale sold out in minutes, almost 20K holders in half a month, and a 13K active-user community are some of its achievements.

Baby Boxer is is a utility token on the Binance Smart Chain and is part of the Boxer Ecosystem. It has a 10% tax on every transfer. Part of that tax is burned forever making Baby Boxer a deflationary cryptocurrency asset.

The Boxer Inu roadmap is filled with state-of-the-art utility features all being developed by our ever-expanding team of professionals and cutting-edge developers.

Boxer Wants to Build a Strong Community

The Boxer community promotes the simultaneous growth of an economy and its participants through rapid collaboration and alternate financial structures. Boxer seeks to solve this problem with the development of the Boxer Ecosystem

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