Borroe Finance’s Pre-sale Surge Draws Attention from BNB and Tron Heavyweights

Borroe Finance's Pre-sale Surge Draws Attention from BNB and Tron Heavyweights

Borroe Finance Presale Update

Borroe Finance (ROE) is nearing the end of the presale, having raised over $3.46 million. Binance Coin (BNB) and TRON (TRX) holders are on edge due to its uncertain future.

Borroe Finance: Transforming Web3 Funding

Borroe Finance has generated buzz in the crypto market with its innovative Web3 funding solutions. Borroe Finance is currently in the last stage of the presale, and they have already raised over $3.46 million by selling over 270 million tokens.

  • In the stage 5 presale, ROE is available at $0.02.
  • There are only about 165 million $ROE tokens left to sell.
  • After the conclusion of the presale, ROE will be listed in a DEX (decentralized exchange) at $0.025. This will provide a 25% profit for last-stage investors.

Borroe Finance’s unique model offers businesses a quick way to raise upfront cash by minting and selling NFTs that represent furniture revenues. Borroe Finance leverages crypto, smart contracts, and AI-powered risk assessment to streamline fundraising. Borroe Finance connects Web3 businesses to a global community where they can sell their revenue streams and get immediate funding. The company has a tax structure of 3% in both buy and sell transactions. The governance tokens of Borroe Finance—ROE—offer holders various benefits, including priority notifications, discounted fees, etc.

BNB Chain Developer Specialization Course

BNB Chain has introduced a free online course titled ‘BNB Chain Developer Specialization’ in collaboration with Binance Academy. This course aims to cover the basics of advanced blockchain topics and help existing dApp (decentralized application) developers.

Besides, BNB is experiencing a bullish trend, trading around $590 in late March. BNB is one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies with a crypto market cap of $88 billion. The BNB has a strong support base at $450. Analysts say BNB’s bullish momentum will continue, and it will trade around $750 by mid-2024. The RSI at 64 also suggests strong buying interest in BNB. Technical indicators also show a growing bullish wave on BNB.

Binance Ceases USDC Support on TRON

From April 5, Binance will stop supporting TRON-based TRC-20 USDC deposits and withdrawals. This decision by Binance follows Circle’s announcement to discontinue USDC on the TRON network.

In late March, TRX traded around $0.12 with minor fluctuations. Experts say TRON analysis shows a strong bullish trend for TRX. The MAs at $0.11 and the RSI at 41 further solidify bullish momentum for TRX.

TRX has been consolidating for a long time in the range of $0.10 to $0.13. Analysts say TRX has a huge resistance at $0.13. If it breaks above the resistance level, TRX could trade around $0.15 by mid-2024. However, if TRX falls below the support level of $0.10, it could trade around $0.08. TRX holders are worried about this situation. Thus, TRX investors are looking for better blockchain ICO projects like ROE to invest in.

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