BONK, the Memecoin on Solana, Surges 110% Following Binance Listing, Surpassing Shiba Inu in Trade Activity

Binance Announces BONK Listing

BONK, the Solana-based memecoin, has recently experienced a surge of over 110% in the last 24 hours, capturing the attention of crypto investors. The current BONK price stands at $0.00002815, contributing to a market cap of $1.8 billion.

Notably, BONK has surpassed the popular memecoin PEPE Coin, expanding its market size threefold. This surge coincides with the announcement of BONK’s listing on Binance for trading.

Binance Spot Trading Pairs

Binance has officially declared the listing of BONK and the initiation of spot trading for various pairs, effective December 15, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC).


Users can now deposit BONK in preparation for trading, set to commence on December 15, 2023, at 08:00 (UTC). Withdrawals for BONK will be available starting December 16, 2023, at the same time.

Binance has chosen a zero BNB listing fee for BONK, underscoring its dedication to fostering accessibility and inclusivity in the cryptocurrency market.

Moreover, Binance plans to introduce BONK as a borrowable asset with a new margin pair on Isolated Margin within the next 48 hours, reflecting its ongoing commitment to diversify its asset offerings and enhance the trading experience for users.

Overtaking Shiba Inu In Trading Volumes

According to recent data from CoinMarketCap, BONK, a potential Dogecoin (DOGE) rival, has seen an exceptional surge of 271.8% in its daily trading volume, reaching approximately $969 million.

Comparatively, Shiba Inu recorded a notable 29.6% increase in its 24-hour trading volume, reaching $232 million. BONK’s market capitalization has surged by 108.7%, securing its position as the 43rd-ranked digital asset.

Adding to BONK’s momentum, Coinbase has expressed its intention to include the meme coin in its altcoin listing roadmap, providing traders with a guide on potential support for BONK in the near future. The listing roadmap, introduced by Coinbase in 2022, enhances transparency and reduces the risk of investors preempting new trading announcements.

Simultaneously, BONK has introduced BONKBot, a new program designed to facilitate cryptocurrency trading through social media and Telegram. The move aims to enhance accessibility and user engagement within the crypto trading community. The announcement states:

“On the third day of BONKmas, my true dog gave to me: BONKbot! Trade with ease using BONKbot on Telegram. This BONKmas, discover how BONKbot simplifies trading and managing your positions.”

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