Boneworld to Elevate The Metaverse Experience

Boneworld brings an incredibly cool, slick yet relatable collection of 3D skeleton avatars to Solana. Their vision is to create a unified and authentic metaverse experience by reminding members and beyond that, we are essentially the same, regardless of various beliefs or languages. 


Boneworld is a 10,000 generated 3D bone avatar collection residing as NTFs on the blockchain (Solana network) with over 120+ features in 5 categories – launching in late September. 

They define equality and enhance self-expression through their characteristics. All Boneworld owners will enjoy high value into the future; with a definitive and exciting roadmap including exclusive access to 3D asset packs that can be transported into other metaverses and Gen 2 breeding. 

Meet the Artists/Founders behind Boneworld

Aleksey – Artist, Creative Lead, and Business Director

Aleksey is one of those guys who have spent too much time on the computer when he was a youngster, dig into texture files, draw obscenities from cars in Carmageddon, finally start 3D production, and now works as a professional in the business. 

Why is Boneworld? It’s another method for Aleksey to explore the beauty of human life through to one’s final breath. Plus he always wanted to be a toy designer – NFTs are a good way to create distinctive designs that bring people all across the globe to the attention of others. Creating Boneworld allowed him to add some jazz and swag into bones, the fundamental core of all humans! Also, Maria wanted to do Skellies so here we are  

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Maria – Artist, Creative Direction, and Marketing Lead

Maria was born in Siberia’s harshest conditions but managed to connect to the internet somehow. Blonde, she is. She comes from a background in the unfortunate realm of web development but found her way into the wonderful world of 3D illustration and art! As a child, she particularly liked the film “Corpse Bride” and “Christmas Nightmare” and so Skellies have always enjoyed a sweet space in her heart. 

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Project Roadmap

They’re called Skellies in Boneworld. Every Skellie is distinct and special. There is rarity within the collection, ranked by as ‘Common’,  ‘Uncommon’, ‘Rare’, ‘Super Rare’, and ‘Legendary’, which will be indicated in your metadata, all with percentages or rarity attached. The degree of rarity you own will contribute to Gen 2 breeding. This is the most exciting part! More details to follow. 

Detail Roadmap

25% sold – Boneworld Giveaway: Assemble in Discord and submit your finest derivative. You will have the opportunity to win your Boneworld through a community vote.

50% sold – Boneworld Merch Store: Members get access to the BONEWORLD Merch Store, which has limited edition shirts, hoodies, hats, and other items.

75% sold – Begin developing Metaverse Boneworld 3D models: Begin work on 3D Boneworld Avatar models for virtual worlds, gaming, and VR. The artist will create asset packs that may be extracted and used in different gaming engines, 3D studios, and virtual worlds by any Boneworld owner.

100% sold – Work with the community on Gen2 Breeding: Once they’ve sold out, they’ll collaborate with members of their community to begin Gen 2 breeding. They value their community and want to collaborate with you to build this metaverse. 

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