Bomb Crypto Organizes First Adventure Mode Tournament

Players stand a chance to win $24,000 worth of SEN tokens plus exclusive NFTs.

First PVE GameFi Tournament 

PlayToEarn (P2E) GameFi protocol on BNB Chain, Bomb Crypto, introduced its first “PVE – Adventure Mode 2022” tournament to the Non-fungible Token (NFT) blockchain gaming space. The protocol invites lovers of its gaming ecosystem to watch the event as participants compete via its newly added “Adventure Mode.” 

BSC News reported the protocol’s introduction of the innovative development on May 24, offering users an improved gaming experience. The tournament began on Friday, June 3, featuring 64 participants (bombers), divided into two groups, A and B. The Adventure Mode tournament commenced with the qualifying round and was streamed live on the Bomb Crypto official Twitch channel.

The participants met some requirements to enter the tournament. They also deposited 200 $BCOIN, the native currency of the GameFi platform, to reserve a place in the tournament. This was done to ensure that registered users participated. Hence, Bomb Crypto will return the deposit to players after the tournament ends. 

The qualifying round has ended, and lovers of the Bomb Crypto game can watch the Semi-final and Final round on Bomb Crypto’s Twitch channel. The Semi-Final round will commence on Tuesday, June 7 at 10 AM UTC, while the Final round will be played on Friday, June 10 at 10 AM UTC. 


Tournament Format 

Each match will last for five minutes, and Bomb Crypto will pair players randomly. Thus, players with Heroes of higher rarity have a better chance of progressing in the game. Due to network differences, players can connect each time they are disconnected from the game in progress. However, they cannot quit or request a re-match. Below is the tournament format from the qualifying round to the final stage: 

Qualifying/Elimination Round 

The Qualifying round is divided into three rounds (Round 1, 2, and 3). Each round is played in BO1 format, which is one match only. 

The 64 participants, Group A and B, are divided into 32 pairs for the first round. The second round is divided into 16 pairs, while the third round is divided into eight pairs. 

Bomb Crypto chooses a random stage for each round for all players to compete in. 

Winners from the three rounds move to the Quarterfinals. 


The Quarterfinals comprise one round for four pairs, played in BO1 format—one match only. 

Players who win will progress to the semi-finals. 


The semifinals will be played in one round, for two pairs, also in BO1 format. 

Winners from each pair will move to the final. 


The final match will be between the best two teams in the semifinals. 

Both players will compete with each other three times. 

Both players will select their preferred maps/stages in the first match to compete. 

In the second match, both players will swap maps. 

The last match will see Bomb Crypto choose a map for both players. 

Whoever wins two out of the three matches will be crowned tournament champion. 

Tournament Format Overview | Source

Hero NFTs and Rewards 

Bomb Crypto will reward first, second, third, and fourth place with exclusive Hero NFTs and rewards up to $24,000 in SEN tokens. The GameFi platform will distribute the prizes as follows: 

First Prize: Special Skin (Rarity: Legend) plus 14,000 $SEN. 

Second Prize: Special Skin (Rarity: Epic) plus 7,000 $SEN. 

Third Prize: Special Skin (Rarity: Super Rare) plus 2,000 $SEN. 

Consolation Prize: Special Skin (Rarity: Rare) plus 700 $SEN. 


What is Bomb Crypto: 

Bomb Crypto is a PlayToEarn NFT project built on the BSC network. Players manage a group of NFT bomb heroes with different statistics which they can use to search for BCOIN, fight monsters, or trade on the marketplace. BCOIN is the project’s first native currency and is used to purchase bomb heroes on their marketplace via auction or through the in-game shop. Players can also obtain bomb heroes through rescue missions while playing the game. 

Where to find BombCrypto:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

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