Bomb Crypto Launches Two More Features

The GameFi platform will update its bomber game this week with two useful features.

Updated GameFi Experience on BNB Chain 

After introducing the Story Mode and Skill Reset feature last week, BombCrypto has continued to develop its PlayToEarn (P2E) bomber game on BNB Chain. The GameFi protocol plans to add a couple of new features for users this week. 

The two new features that will be updated by the protocol this week include the “ROI display” and the “Create an Account feature.” The P2E GameFi platform explained both features through Twitter on February 22nd before disclosing that users should expect more features in the future. 

“Other features will be updated gradually in the near future, we are still here and working hard for the game and for the community. Hope everyone will always stay by our side,” BombCrypto tweeted.


Both features are beneficial to the GameFi community. As the name implies, the ROI display shows users’ returns upon investment. In addition, the feature allows them to understand how their investments are calculated directly on the game screen. Such investments displayed within the game include Invested, ROI, Mined, and Reward. 

The create an account feature allows users to create an account and give others to play. However, the account would not purchase Non-fungible Tokens in the shop and cannot claim NFTs. One unique attribute about the feature is that the owner of the account/wallet can change the password anytime. 

Solid GameFi Numbers 

BombCrypto continues to grow on BNB Chain, recently featuring on numerous blockchain media outlets. The GameFi platform has experienced a significant increase in the space and has no intentions of slowing down anytime soon. Currently, Bomb Crypto still occupies second place on DappRadar’s BSC GameFi chart, a position upheld over the past weeks. 

Over the past month, BombCrypto has registered over 486K users, according to the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) portfolio tracker. Additionally, the data places BombCrypto as the number one GameFi project on BSC in the last 30 days. Most recently, the platform featured in BSCProject’s weekly spotlight as the “Project of the Week.”

P2E games became a trend in 2021, and this year, they have dominated the entire industry. The ability to “earn from playing games” is a catchphrase for many users, and getting a top gaming platform is a huge plus. BombCrypto has sustained its position as a Top-tier gaming platform, and we expect users to continue exploring its ecosystem in the long run. 

What is BombCrypto?

Bomb Crypto is a PlayToEarn NFT project built on the BSC network. Players manage a group of NFT bomb heroes with different statistics, which they can use to search for $BCOIN, fight monsters, or trade on the marketplace. $BCOIN is the project’s native currency used to purchase bomb heroes on their marketplace via auction or through the in-game shop. Players can also obtain bomb heroes through rescue missions while playing the game. 

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