Bomb Crypto Launches Adventure Mode

The new mode comes with new features, including a new set of Heroes to improve users’ gaming experience.

Amazon Mode Finally Arrives 

Bomb Crypto, the PlaytoEarn (P2E) product on BNB Chain, finally launched its highly anticipated innovative development, Amazon Mode. 

On April 20, BSC News reported the protocol’s plans to launch the new mode, stating that it would contain significant features to improve users’ gaming experience. Amazon Mode works just like the Treasure Mode but with natural disasters, according to the protocol’s publication on May 23, that unveils comprehensive details about the Mode’s features. The new Mode also debuts a new class of Heroes—S-class Heroes—which can fight against natural disasters. 

“In Amazon mode: Auto game mode is like treasure hunt mode, but there will be natural disasters. Heroes, when hit by disaster, will lose all stamina and enter sleep state,” the blog read. 


Speaking of heroes, the Amazon Mode comprises S-class Heroes. Unlike Normal Heroes, this set of Heroes possesses an extra shield that serves as resistance to natural disasters, such as thunder, wild animals, carnivorous plants, etc. S-class Heroes’ shields have durability indexes, and players are advised to repair them for peak durability. Most importantly, S-class Heroes are formed from combining five Normall Heroes, or users can purchase them from the Bomb Crypto in-game shop. 

S-class Heroes have different rarities, which determine their speed, strength, and other attributes. You can read the protocol’s publication for more information about repairing shields and creating S-Class Heroes. BSC News reached out to the Non-fungible Token (NFT) and GameFi protocol for more details about the exciting mode, but we didn’t get a response. 

What is Bomb Crypto:

Bomb Crypto is a PlayToEarn NFT project built on the BSC network. Players manage a group of NFT bomb heroes with different statistics which they can use to search for BCOIN, fight monsters, or trade on the marketplace. BCOIN is the project’s first native currency and is used to purchase bomb heroes on their marketplace via auction or through the in-game shop. Players can also obtain bomb heroes through rescue missions while playing the game. 

Where to find BombCrypto:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord

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