BogTools to Integrate BSCNews Wire Into BogCharts V3

BoggedTools and BSCNews are excited to announce a partnership to bring the latest news to BoggedFinance and analytics to BSCNews.

BSCNews Wire 

We at BSCNews pride ourselves as the primary news source for all things Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This consists of a plethora of daily articles revolving around the latest and greatest on BSC. Bog Tools agrees with this and we have created a partnership to integrate all our news pieces onto their platform. This feature will be present on July 9th, when BogCharts V3 launches.

This integration will filter articles for respective tokens on BoggedFinance, giving users the latest news on their favorite tokens. Articles will be directly posted onto BogCharts V3, creating a complete toolkit for BSC crypto users. This partnership strives to provide BSC users with a complete suite of BSC information, granting our communities an edge on the market. 

Bog Tools Price Features

Bog Tools provides its users with a complete suite of analytics.  These tools provide crucial information and the team at BSCNews has recognized the utility the platform provides users. After some discussion, BogTools notified us that they could provide us with some unique tools to boost the appeal of BSCNews. 

The main feature consists of a BogTools price integration. It allows users to see real-time price movements inside of our BSCNews articles. The information will be hyperlinked allowing users to redirect to BogCharts V3 to obtain further analytics. This feature adds a polished look to our articles and ensures our users are receiving the most accurate and up-to-date price feeds.

Early, not styled yet

More on Bog Tools and BogCharts V3

BogTools has built the Bogged.Finance Platform, the next generation of infrastructure and utilities for Binance Smart Chain. The platform lets users research and place orders, limits and stop-losses, for any token on BSC. 

The project is now taking their charting suite to the next level through V3 integration. This feature will be a complete innovation of BogCharts V2, notably including a BSCNews wire. The upgrade will feature an intuitive UI with extended language support. 

The BogCharts V3 launch is scheduled for July 9th.

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