BogTools Releases a Free Telegram Tool for Binance Smart Chain Price Alerts

Users can enjoy accurate information about token prices and charts with the integration for Telegram groups.

BogTools Launches Free Telegram Price Bot 

Bogged Finance keeps making innovations to provide powerful tools for everyone’s usage. The next-generation infrastructure and utilities for Binance Smart Chain published on Twitter that its BOGPriceBot is now functional. According to the June 28th Tweet, the price bot is free, ad-free, and easy to use. Token owners can set the bot up in just 2 minutes. It includes standard custom commands like /charts, /price, and /contract. 


The price bot was created for Telegram group members to be updated with the latest prices and information of token owners. BOGPriceBot has support for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens listed on PancakeSwap V1, V2, and ApeSwap. Token owners can now deploy the price bot on their channels or groups so that users can get accurate information. 

The price bot is straightforward to set up with its smooth user interface. In just two minutes, token owners can set up their bot and deploy it on their Telegram group.

How to Set Up Your Custom BOGPriceBot 

Step 1: Visit the Price Bot creation homepage and fill in your token address. Make sure you select the correct Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and manually input your custom message content. 


Step 2: Click on the “Create Bot” button. 


Step 3: Go to your Telegram group and click on “Add members” from the drop-down menu. 


Step 4: Search for BOGPriceBot and add the BOT on your Telegram group. 


Step 5: Finally, copy and paste the /register command created by the price bot creation tool into your Telegram group. 

About BogTools 

Bogged Finance is the home of limit orders, oracles, charts, and more on Binance Smart Chain. The protocol offers Limit orders for PancakeSwap, live charts for any token on the DEX, verifiable on-chain randomness, and many more unique features. BogTools are the suite of products offered by the company. $BOG is the payment token of the protocol, serving as the governance of the platform. In short, BogTools is an ecosystem of developer-friendly Decentralized Applications (dApps) powered by the $BOG token. 

Suite Expansion

BogTools has created a much-needed innovation for more adoption. With the BOGPriceBot, Token owners can create their custom price bots without any charges. The process is straightforward and requires less effort and time, as explained in this article. The BSC ecosystem is expanding as new projects continue to tap into its unique features. Bogged Finance’s latest offering will help to introduce their Telegram users to their full suite of products.

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