BogTools Launches BogSwap Advanced w/ Trailing Stop-Losses & More Advanced Trading Tools

$BOG is back, better than ever. Now with Limit Orders, Stop-Losses, Sniper, Swaps and so much more!

DeFi moves at an ever accelerating pace, and the development team over at Bogtools never seems to stop innovating, this time improving on their BogSwap DEX with their state-of-the-art BogSwap Advanced feature. BogSwap Advanced, in typical BogTools fashion, includes features that seem to push the boundary of what’s technically possible. BogSwap Advanced is a new layer on top of their already stellar tools such as charts, stop losses, limit orders, token sniper and as of today trailing stop-losses.

As more and more users migrate over from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges, the need for sophisticated tools for traders only grows. We are all aware of the differences of centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges and the lack of tools or infrastructure to benefit the decentralized exchange trader. When trading on exchanges such as, users are provided rich tools, such as charts and more, that help to make more informed decisions, however that isn’t the case today with decentralized exchanges.

Bogtools and BogSwap are changing that by providing tools that are even greater than the ones provided on centralized exchanges, and for that I commend them, because it’s one thing to attempt to match the sophisticated tools on exchanges such as, however to one-up them? That’s impressive.

What is BogSwap and BogSwap Advanced?

I am going to assume for a moment you have used Pancakeswap and have been in a situations such as; where you were unsure of the slippage amount needed, noticed a rather large price impact, been impacted by token transaction limits, or even had your transactions fail. What if I told you there is a next-generation DEX that could solve all those pain points?

Welcome to BogSwap, and it’s amazing new addition BogSwap Adanced.

BogSwap and it’s new high-tech BogSwap Advanced feature, empowers users to trade without these limitations, and feel like you’re using a cheat-code when doing it. BogSwap and BogSwap Advanced does some really clever things, such as aggregating DEX’s and routing your trades through multiple to get users the best possible deal, stop-losses and trailing stop-losses, limit orders, transaction limit detection and/or bypass, and even the ability to submit duplicate transactions.

Let BOGSwap automatically detect TX limits for the majority of tokens, or enter a custom limit yourself.

Mid-tier premium allows you to use “Limit buy to TX limit” to ensure your buy amount never exceeds the token limit.

High tier premium allows you to use “TX limit bypass” which allows the buying/selling of any amount of standard transaction limit tokens subject to block gas limits.

BOGSwap Advanced Tier System

So what’s the catch right? In order to use these features, you must hold BOG tokens to unlock different tiers, which isn’t so much of a catch, right?, as these features add a tremendous amount of utility value to the $BOG token.

Tier 1 – Requires holding 100 BOG and has no fee per use

When a user is holding 100 BOG tokens in their wallet, they unlock Tier 1 which allows the following premium functionality;

Set Gas Price – Users are given the ability to preselect the gas price used for each transaction, which saves precious time and allows users to place trades without fumbling around with MetaMask etc.

Duplicate Transactions – Users are given the ability to submit multiple same or duplicate transactions, which could help acquire or sell tokens faster.

Disable Wait for TX Confirmation – Users can submit a transaction, and immediately continue trading without waiting for the initial transaction to confirm.

Tier 2 – Requires holding 2000 BOG and has no fee per use

As you can see, Tier 1 is focused on enabling users to trade much faster, Tier 2 is focused on making sure your transactions go through without fail. As DeFi has continued to evolve and mature, so too have the tokenomics, including tokens that have transaction taxes, transaction limits, cooldown periods etc. Tier 2 helps you navigate through that minefield.

Set & Detect Transaction Limits – Users are able to transact without knowing transaction limits, as this feature automatically detects and corrects, so that your transaction doesn’t fail.

Limit buy to Transaction Limits – This feature adds another layer on top of the one above, by automatically adjusting the trade down if it detects you are going to exceed the transaction limit set by the token smart contract. The really cool thing about this feature is it will automatically refund any BNB that goes unspent, extremely useful for new token launches.

Tier 3 – Requires holding 5000 BOG and has no fee per use

What if I told you there was a way to bypass all transaction limits? You probably wouldn’t believe me, I still find it hard to believe myself. But it works, and works beautifully.

Bypass Transaction Limits – Just like it sounds, users are able to trade without transaction limits, which by the way will make you feel like you may have been bitten by a radioactive spider in your sleep and have acquired super powers.

How Do I Use BogSwap Advanced?

The genius here is that the BogTools team integrated these very technically savvy features in an extremely intuitive manner. To use them, simply visit and you will be presented with the BogSwap trading interface.

From this page you can use the menu on the left, or the trading interface to place trades and try out the new features, such as the exciting new trailing stop-loss feature.

As you can see in the example image above, a user can place an order for BNB and if it loses a set %, in the example above 5%, in value on the BUSD trading pair, the stop-loss will be triggered and the users BNB tokens sold.

The image above shows the really cool limit-order feature, which allows users to place orders that won’t be triggered unless the set parameters are met. So in the example above you can see I am placing an order for $5000 worth of BNB, if BNB drops down to $250, which would be a -15.52% decrease from the current value.

These exciting new features will help everyone from the novice trader, to the expert trader and everyone in between. This tool will give us the ability to place a trade, and be sure that the risk is only as bad as you set in the trading interface. That’s something that all crypto traders should know about and will find extremely useful, in these extremely volatile times.

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