Bogtools AMA Recap hosts Bogtools: a platform for various utilities on Binance Smart Chain, including Limit Orders, Randomness Oracles, Price Oracles and “smart” oracles. We’re building the rails for Binance Smart Chain on which users will transact, and developers will build upon.

Luke: Hi Everyone! 

BSCdaily – Admin: Good to have both of you here! 

BSCdaily – Admin: Are you guys ready?

Luke:Great to be here! We’re ready 

Q1: My first question for you, what is BogTools all about? Give us a little summary

Luke: BogTools is a platform for various utilities on Binance Smart Chain, including Limit Orders, Randomness Oracles, Price Oracles and “smart” oracles. We’re building the rails for Binance Smart Chain on which users will transact, and developers will build upon.

BSCdaily – Admin: Since you mentioned Limit Orders? May I ask when will the platform be launched? Lots of people are asking me about it since our last Tweet about BogTools

Luke: The Limit Order platform is scheduled to be launched April 2nd with a few key pairs. However we’re hoping to have a BOG-BNB only beta launched a few days prior.

BSCdaily – Admin: Only 8 days left!? 

BSCdaily – Admin: Great, looking forward to it

Q2: Could you tell us about yourself? Why did you and your team decide to build BogTools?

Luke: I’ve been involved in crypto since 2011, way back when I was only a teenager, mining some bitcoin — when that was still practical. I was involved in the Peercoin community — back when Proof of Stake was actually just a concept created by Sunny King — an anonymous developer just like Satoshi Nakamoto.

Since then, I studied Marketing and built my own marketing business from scratch over the past 7 or so years. You can find me on LinkedIn for more info about that. Now, I’m co-founder here at BogTools, leading business development and marketing!

We started Bogtools because we saw that BSC was missing many of the rails that make other Blockchains function well, and we saw that we could have a first mover advantage in the space as well as get the opportunity to try new things that are only possible thanks to BSC’s low fees — like smart oracles.

BSCdaily – Admin: You are one of the first people who mined Bitcoin? . That’s rare and super cool

Luke: Well, it was in a pool — so I didn’t get a whole lot. And I didn’t actually sell it for that much haha.

Between what I bought + mined, I think I sold 0.5BTC for around $400, I was pretty happy with that at the time. Oops.

BSCdaily – Admin: Haha, reminds me when I was a noob ;))

Q3: How many people are your team composed of?

Luke: The core team is John and Myself, however we’ve hired several developers on a part time basis. There are 7 people working for BogTools in some capacity now!

So we’ve grown really, really fast!

BSCdaily – Admin: 7 people !? That’s not a huge team. But looking at your product and what you’re doing, seems like you got awesome members behind your back

Luke: Yeah we’ve been really lucky to find some really talented people who are really hard working.

It’s allowed us to move a lot quicker down the roadmap than we would have otherwise.

Q4: Let’s dive into the native $BOG Token, shall we? Can you share with us your tokenomics?

Luke: So currently there is a 4.5% transaction fee on all transactions which is redistributed to LP Stakers (liquidity providers).

However, This will be removed once the BogTools like Limit Orders are returning fees, the majority of those fees will be redistributed to LP stakers instead.

We’re focused on building a healthy ecosystem for token holders and users. 

Q5: Great, could you give us more info on the BogTools token $BOG? What are some of its use cases?

Luke: So our native $BOG token is used in 4 different ways:

Firstly, it is unique in the sense that it actually executes some code each time it is transacted upon. We use this to power the smart on-chain oracles that will be deployed by developers. Eventually users will be compensated for transacting in BOG with gas refund tokens paid for by people deploying smart oracles.

Secondly, it acts as our governance token. Once Governance is established (on our roadmap), it will allow the holder to vote on fees and other governance issues within our platform. Allowing the community to take the lead on controlling the platform.

Thirdly, as mentioned above, it will allow the user to receive Gas Refund Tokens redeemable in $BOG and also receive fees for staking the BOG-BNB Pancakeswap LP tokens.

And finally, it will allow users and developers to pay for each bogtool: From Limit Orders, to smart oracles and everything in between. It’ll all be paid for in $BOG.

Q6: So payments for the BogTools are paid in $BOG token, and the majority of the fees will go back to their holders/stakers. Am I right?

Luke: Correct. If the bogtool relies on transactions (smart oracles), then the fees will mostly be returned to people making BOG transactions. But if the bogtool relies on smart contracts or other code (limit orders), the majority of the fees will be returned to liquidity providers.

We want to provide value back to all users of the platform, to create a healthy ecosystem that drives growth of the token.

BSCdaily – Admin: That’s a lot of use cases to be a $BOG holder

BSCdaily – Admin: And I love your priorities, all for the users 

Luke: Our community is the #1 priority. We really mean it.

Q7: So what marketing strategies have the team decided to use to spread awareness and promote growth and use of the project?

Luke: In the initial phase we’ve used a lot of AMA’s and Social Media based marketing. However, we’ll be growing with traditional marketing that you’d expect from an innovative token, you’ll hear lots more from us as we promote our limit order platform to Pancakeswap users once it releases on April 2nd.

As we’re developing lots of innovative products, if you’re following BSC_daily, you’ll keep hearing from us on social media as we continue to grow our produce suite — both for users and developers.

We are also launching an ARG (Alternate Reality Game) on which is something that is unique to BSC and we’re super excited about. This launches in under 14 days. It’s a puzzle game with clues to be found in the strangest of places, and thousands of dollars worth of prizes to be found.

So as you see, we’ve got a bit of everything. 

BSCdaily – Admin: We’re BSC_Daily. Our team will make sure that we are one of the 1st to hear about BogTools’ updates on Social Media 

Luke: Yeah, we’re so thankful for all your support so far!

Even though we’ve only been around for a short while so far, it’s been great to have a good relationship with you guys 

Q8: “With clues to be found in the strangest of places”. Is this the same as treasure hunting?

Luke: A little bit of treasure hunting, a little bit of puzzle solving. Some puzzles for the more technical minded, some for those who just like traditional puzzles.

The ultimate goal is to find the keys to this wallet:

But there are a bunch of wallets and prizes along the way.

You might need a small amount of BOG to participate in certain sections, just a small heads up 

BSCdaily – Admin: Treasure hunting + puzzle solving + crypto

Haha, that’s a little bit of almost everything I like though :)))

Luke: Maybe we’ll see you grab one of the prize wallets 

We had a smaller ARG test-run today, it went really well. We’re so excited for the full experience that launches in 14 days. is the Telegram to join, if you’re interested in following the ARG.

Q9: What can we expect in the next 3 months and in 2021 as a whole?

You can expect our limit order platform to mature over the coming months, and be paired with a professional version featuring charts, order history, chat and more with all the data pulled straight from PancakeSwap and the Binance Smart Chain. Allowing users to have a Centralised Exchange Experience with all the reliability and power of a Decentralised Exchange.

We will also have more news and releases for our oracles. Our full roadmap is on our site:

For those who are interested 

Q10: Where can we find out more about BogTools?

Luke: Absolutely!


Community & Social Media

We also have a spanish community: and a Chinese Language WeChat which you can PM me after the AMA if you’d like to join.

BSCdaily – Admin: This is the end of our AMA with @LukeBogTools and @JohnBogTools from the awesome project BogTools.  Thank you guys! For your time today at BSC Daily, hope you have enjoyed yourself as much as all of us did. I wish $BOG all the best and look forward to its development in the near future

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