Bogged Finance Rebrands and Retools to Bogged

The platform boasts of many firsts in DeFi, and is actively working to deliver a crop of new developments soon. The rebrand is a sign of much more to come the project has revealed.

From Bogged Finance To Bogged

Multi-utility decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, formerly known as Bogged Finance, will now be known as Bogged.

Unveiling the name-change through a tweet on May 10, the project team stated that the new identity is set to revitalize the project’s brand and help to position it as one of the leading platforms in decentralized finance. The team affirmed that the token, utilities, and products in the project’s ecosystem, which previously had BOG as a prefix, would now bear BOGGED. Apart from the change in the prefix, the products are essentially the same. 

“As part of our mission to become the ultimate destination for DeFi trading, we’re updating our brand identity to better reflect our growth and evolution over the past year,” the Bogged team’s tweet began, “From now on, Bogged Finance will be known as Bogged.”

Following the brand refresh, the website now wears a new look with an appealing color mix and a redesigned user interface. 


Despite the current bearish crypto market, the Bogged protocol records impressive user engagement. As seen from the platform’s statistics portal, Bogged Swap typically records over $10 million daily trading volume with a total userbase of about 210,000. The decent performance of Bogged, even in the unstable market, gives the team confidence that the platform will have a strong showing when the crypto market stabilizes:

“We’re excited to continue to invest in Bogged, despite any negative market conditions. We believe there’s a strategic advantage in continuing to press along in harder times, as it will set us up nicely for a market turnaround.” Luke Martinez, Co-founder of Bogged, exclusively shared with BSC News

Moving forward from its rebrand, Bogged envisions being the one-stop-shop for multi-chain decentralized finance trades. The platform boasts the first protocol to offer true DeFi limit orders and has a reputation for innovating top-notch products. The team is working on new developments for the coming months, the name rebrand being the stepping stone for future innovations:

“The refined design and brand is just a small part of our much larger plan to transform Bogged into a true All-In-One Platform for DeFi Trading.” the Co-Founder asserted.

What is Bogged?

Bogged is a multi-chain suite of trading tools for DeFi users. The platform provides advanced trading functionality and utilities so that users can make the most of their DeFi experience. Bogged’s suite of DeFi products currently includes Bogged DEX aggregator, Bogged Chart, Limit Orders, Stop Losses, Cross-chain Bridge, etc.

The platform is powered by the $BOG token that plays a role in the platform’s governance and staking protocols. 

Where to find Bogged:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Telegram | Discord | Reddit 

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