Bogged Finance Break $1 Billion Trading Volume

Bogged Finance’s new analytics portal shows a significant milestone on its platform as trading volume surpasses $1 Billion.

DeFi Community 

The team at Bogged Finance recently clocked $1.5 billion in total trading volume across five chains coinciding with the release of their new analytics portal. 


Bogged Finance reached a major milestone as its users find the platform’s suite of tools and services suited for their use. The team told its community, 

“Our most recent milestone was breaking $1 billion in trading volume, this includes BogSwap & trades through limit order / stop losses. This, fortunately, occurred at the same time as the release of our new analytics portal which shows live trades through our platform for our 5 most popular chains; BNB, Polygon, CRONOS, AVAX & FTM,” The project team exclusively revealed.

User Demand 

Real-time updates and alerts in the DeFi space are critical. Bogged Finance prioritizes the timeous deployment of information and alerts to its community. The team said, 

“We have also picked up and acted on a major recent trend in the DeFi community space. ‘Buy-alert bots’ are often deployed in token communities to track real-time on-chain buys and display the information in the group, with the aim of increasing sentiment.”

The team has enabled the automated bots to provide time sensitive price action to its community through telegram. The team exclusively revealed: 

“We have added this function to our current telegram bot – Bog Price Bot as an additional free feature. This is available again for our 5 major chains (BNB, Polygon, Cronos, AVAX, and FTM)  We love to keep up with community trends & provide the tools they need.”

Source: Bogged Finance platform is built with the vision to provide its users with the tools necessary for their DeFi needs

Access to this free service for customization and deployment on telegram is provided here

What is Bogged Finance? 

Bogged Finance is a suite of trading tools for DeFi users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform provides advanced trading functionality and tools so that users can make the most of their DeFi experience. Bogged Finance’s tool suite currently includes BogSwap (DEX aggregator), Limit Orders, Stop Losses, Token Trust Score, Alert, and Notifications, etc. The platform is powered by the $BOG token that plays a role in the platform’s governance and staking protocols. 

Where to find Bogged Finance:

Website | Twitter | Medium | Discord | Telegram

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