Bogged Finance Announces “Ultimate Sniper” for Buying Tokens at Launch

The Binance Smart Chain-based protocol that allows traders to research and exchange tokens announces an advanced token sniping tool to buy tokens at launch.

What is Bogged Finance?

Bogged Finance is a long-established suite of advanced trading tools for DeFi users on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Their tool suite currently includes BogSwap — their DEX aggregator, Limit Orders, Stop Losses along with other more niche tools.

Ultimate Sniper Announcement

Bogged Finance has recently announced the addition of the Ultimate Sniper to their tool suite, The Ultimate Sniper is different from their existing sniper offering by offering many key advantages.

The Ultimate Sniper can act as either a Mempool sniper or a TX Spam Sniper allowing users to select the best mode for them to enter into launches earlier than ever before.

Anti-Sniper Protections Make the Bogged Ultimate Sniper More Effective

The team at Bogged Finance has spent months in research and development in the ongoing arms race for and against snipers, adding key features which truly make the Bogged Ultimate Sniper the ultimate sniper on BSC.
For example, the Ultimate Sniper has features that can bypass common anti-sniper protections. These include TX Limit Bypass, 99% Sniper Fee Avoidance, Trading Pause Avoidance, Wallet Limt Bypass, and Buy Cooldown Bypass.

Why the Ultimate Sniper is Top Tier

Not only is the Bogged Ultimate Sniper a mempool sniper, but it’s also a mempool sniper with the ability to circumvent many of the most common anti-sniper protections. This means that in an ecosystem where other snipers simply do not work against these anti-sniper protections, users of Bogged Ultimate Sniper are able to make significant profits on token launches with little competition.

The Bogged Token truly is an investment in of itself, as you’ll need to hold at least 7,500 BOG to access the Bogged Ultimate Sniper on launch. Buy BOG on BogSwap or PancakeSwap.

How to Access the Bogged Ultimate Sniper

To access the Bogged Ultimate Sniper which launches September 30th, users will need to hold at least 7,500 BOG for access to the majority of features. Users who are putting in the big bucks at token launches can also choose to instead hold 10,000 BOG for access to Multi-wallet mode, Buy Cooldown Bypass & Wallet Limit Bypass.

To be ready for the next DeFi summer of launches with the Bogged Ultimate Sniper, users can buy BOG on BogSwap, or PancakeSwap. The Bogged Ultimate Sniper will launch on the 30th of September 2021

You can read more about the Bogged Finance Ultimate Sniper on the Bogged Finance Medium and join the Bogged Finance community on Telegram.

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