BOGChartsV3: The Wait is Over

Smarter Charting will soon be a reality with BOGChartsV3. You will soon have access to the best available charting information for Binance Smart Chain via the Bogged Finance dApp.

The crypto community welcomed the Take Profit (Automatic Limit Sells), Stop Losses, and Token Launch Sniper features released by Bogged Finance over the past few months, so it’s no surprise Bogged Finance has not stopped innovating since then.

The innovative, and user-friendly crypto trading tools’ ecosystem, Bogged Finance, is launching the next addition of their charting platform, BOGChartsV3, which is an absolute overhaul of the BOGCharts platform.

This new update adds highly sought-after features that i’d like to go over.

Portfolio Tracking

Users who hold at least 50 BOG will be able to track their portfolios over time, seeing which tokens are making a large impact on their portfolio, and what other tokens are weighing them down.

Holding even more BOG will allow you to view your portfolio over even shorter periods of time, allowing for more precision with your portfolio tracking.

BogCharts Portfolio Tracker

Trade and Transaction History

Making a return from BOGChartsV2 is transaction history. Now you’ll also be able to see your own transaction history for any token and even have it displayed on the chart — so you’ll know whether you made a good (or bad) call.

Token Explorer with Inbuilt trading

Flick through the hottest tokens quickly and view vital stats, information and trade them without leaving the page.

Better, faster, and even more accurate charts

The charting data system has been completely reworked from the ground up, making BogChartsV3 into the most accurate platform for charting on BSC.

New easy-to-use user interface (UI) for better navigation and fine mobile view

Bogged Finance has rebuilt both the Desktop and Mobile views to bring you an unparalleled charting & trading experience. Now you really can trade on the go and keep up to date with your portfolio (requires Trust Wallet dApp browser for Android).

Support for multiple languages

Because cryptocurrencies are used by people across the globe there will be support for many major languages at launch, with more coming soon.

With all these features, plus a bunch more that are yet to be revealed, BOGChartsV3 will prove to be the best platform for trading and tracking on BSC.

Source : bsctimes

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