BNBTopToken: A Decentralized Vote-To-Earn Platform

BNBTopToken is an audited platform on the BNB Smart Chain which promises 100% APY.

What is BNBTopToken

BNBTopToken is a project that does decentralized rating of BEP20 tokens. It is completely compiled by the community under its vote-to-earn system with a fixed 100% APY for each pool. The system is based on audited smart contracts built into the BNB Smart Chain with its utility native token called Top Token (TT).

The project is set to be launched on April 8 with the distribution via pinksale. The distribution would enable users to vote for the best BEP20 token and earn passive income daily by holding your votes in the pool. A user can receive 100% APY for the same. 

BNBTopToken claims to be “the first decentralized rating of top bep20 tokens compiled by community with a vote-to-earn system.”

Top Token (TT)

As mentioned above, the Top Token is the native token of BNBTopToken and is the heart of the whole ecosystem. By holding TT and voting for the best BEP20 token, the position of the project in the rating compiled by the community would get affected. 

TT owners can also take part in proposals for BNBTopToken ecosystem’s future proposals.

Token Distribution

The Creator team of the project does not own any tokens or any commissions with all 100% tokens (2,600,000 in number) to be sold in presale.

Security Audit

Use case entities

The project mentions three major entities:

Regular Users

You are looking for a new BEP20 token to buy.

You have invested part of your crypto in some projects and you wish to support it more.

You need to stake your crypto with fixed APY.

You want to have a community to discuss projects.

Project owners

You need to promote your project among real investors.

You want to increase the utility of your token.

You love partnerships.


You want to become a part of the community and develop it with your ideas and skills.

How to connect and start using BNBTopToken?

Download a wallet preferably Trust Wallet or Metamask, if you don’t have it yet.

Now, login by clicking the “Connect” button on the website.

Select the downloaded wallet and confirm the action.

How to get Top Token to vote and earn at BNBTopToken?

Go to this link

Connect your wallet and enter the amount you want to buy.

Finally, click the “Buy” button.


After obtaining the desired amount of TT, you can vote and earn more tokens with it. Here’s how:

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Connect your wallet and select the token you wish to cote for along with copying the address.
  3. Click the “Vote to Earn” button
  4. Enter contract address and TT amount
  5. Unlock TT and confirm the transaction

How to add tokens?

If a user wants to add a token at BNBTopToken, they require 1 TT.

Go to this link.

Connect your wallet and click on the “+Add Token” button.

Fill all the information and confirm your action


BNBTopToken brings a novel approach to decentralization where crypto enthusiasts can indulge in real-world community-based activity. You can learn more about them via:




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