BNB’s Momentum Surges: Increasing RSI Indicates Possible Price Rally

BNB's Momentum Surges: Increasing RSI Indicates Possible Price Rally

RSI Indicates Increased Buying Momentum

BNB’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) signals heightened purchasing activity, potentially driving the price higher if sustained.

Rebound in Open Interest

BNB’s Open Interest (OI) has rebounded from $335 million to $418.54 million, indicating enhanced liquidity and trader engagement.

Signs of Rapid Price Surge

Despite negative sentiment, BNB has experienced a rapid price surge, highlighting increased trading activity and potential for further gains.

Current RSI Status

Presently, BNB’s RSI on the 4-hour chart stands at 62.49, suggesting a significant surge in buying activity. If this momentum persists, BNB’s price could continue its upward trajectory.

However, a decline in momentum could impede BNB’s approach towards $700 and may lead to a potential dip below $600.

Recovery in Open Interest

Despite a recent dip, BNB’s Open Interest (OI) has notably recovered. On May 30th, OI had decreased to $335 million but soon rebounded to $418.54 million.

This resurgence in OI indicates traders injecting more liquidity, potentially bolstering BNB’s price action.

Price Surge Facilitated by “God Candle”

BNB is currently priced at $607.57, facilitated by a phenomenon known as a “god candle”—an exceptionally rapid and substantial price increase.

Before this surge, BNB was valued at $593, highlighting heightened interest and trading activity surrounding the coin.

Price Predictions and Sentiment Analysis

If the bullish trend persists and resistance levels are breached, BNB could rally towards $686. Conversely, a bearish rejection could lead to a retreat to around $585.

Despite a negative weighted sentiment score of -1.156, indicating unfavorable comments, a continued rise in price could potentially shift perceptions, driving demand and validating bullish predictions.


Traders are favoring long positions on BNB, anticipating further price increases. The combination of rising Open Interest and positive RSI readings suggests robust buying momentum that could propel BNB’s price upward if maintained.

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