BNB.WIN Unveils Innovative RWA Product on the BNB Chain

This Year’s Crypto Industry Developments

This year has brought about changes in the global economy and regulations for virtual assets. Even so, the crypto industry is still progressing by introducing new products that meet the demands of users and the community. One of these new developments is real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, which can offer a fresh opportunity for value capture.

Embracing RWA in DeFi

As this wave gains momentum, native decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols like MakerDAO and Aave are actively moving to embrace RWA.

BNB.WIN’s Introduction of RWA Product

BNB.WIN recently launched its first RWA product, BNB.WIN. After monitoring their performance for several weeks, many are questioning the true value of BNB.WIN and similar products.

Is BNB.WIN Safe?

BNB.WIN is a rebasing RWA protocol on the BNB Chain, a smart contract platform. The process involves staking BNB to mint BNB tokens at a 1:1 ratio. BNB staked are pegged to real-world assets. Rewards are distributed to token holders via the smart contract BNB.WIN-RWA using a rebase mechanism.

Experts consider the platform safe due to its backing by real-world assets, such as short-term government bonds. BNB is supported by a reserve of real assets, while BNB.WIN is directly linked to short-term government bond investments. In this structure, BNB.WIN appears less prone to default risks unless there is an extreme scenario of national insolvency.

Performance Analysis

In a recent interview, BNB.WIN founder Satoshi Aoki explained that BNB.WIN is versatile and can be integrated into different DeFi lending, yield farming, and futures protocols. It is also available for trading on exchanges. BNB.WIN has the potential to serve as the basis for generating rewards for DeFi protocols.

Users who subscribe earn yields from investments in stable assets like margins, loans, and bonds. They also receive staking rewards based on a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism and platform incentives. BNB.WIN is also transparent. On Aug. 28, 2023, the protocol announced the latest Merkle tree asset-proof data. According to the official announcement, the reserve ratios for USDT and BNB are 122,404,586 USDT and 84,410 BNB, respectively. BNB.WIN will regularly conduct proof-of-reserve audits.


BNB.WIN highlights the potential benefits of RWA assets, such as asset tokenization, on-chain liquidity, and transparency through smart contracts, while removing traditional financial barriers for premium investment opportunities. They also plan to be part of the stablecoin asset-liability structure.

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