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BSCDaily Admin: Today we welcome Jeffrey Simon to our community.

Hello. How are you today? 

Jeffrey simon: Everything is going well! Thank you!

BSCDaily Admin: It seems like it! Are you ready for the AMA with @bsc_daily community?

Jeffrey simon: Yes, I’m ready for those questions!

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community and the story behind creating “BNBHunter”?

Jeffrey simon: Well, I’m Simon, in charge of Community and Social Media with Pressing and other things of BNBHunter.  

I’ve joint BNBHunter at Sep, accepted the invitation from Reece, the founder of BNBHunter. He’s been authorized to co-opt anyone he wants to join this team and finally I decided to join this wonderful team with an accurate target and clear vision!

Q2: Can you briefly describe the main concept behind this project? What actually “BNBHunter” is?

Jeffrey simon: The super amazing adventure journey with rewards in BNBHunter which plans to create the new order of Metaverse and provide the fair and inspirational experiences in our adventure story!

In a word, BNBHunter is a GameFi project with various modes in the MMORPG game and allows players to collect the NFTs to win rewards.

Q3: What do you mean by “Rebuild the order of hunter” Please share details about tokenomics, where we can buy it?

Jeffrey simon: Yes. Rebuild the order of hunter is the special way of expressing the innovative methods of collecting the NFTs in the BNBHunter,

As we know that the NFT role is common right now, but no rewards for the action of collecting.

But we have to complete the whole MAP(5 different NFTs). You can get the 1BNB as rewards. So it’s interesting and simple way to encourage people.

Q4: Security is the key factor that investors want from the project. Being an investor, how will you satisfy me about the security of the whole ecosystem?

Jeffrey simon: Yes. Security is always important factor over there.

Security has two meanings here.

Firstly, we will get audit security report from security company before the BHT launch.

Secondly, we will provide the methods for protecting the price from downing. For instance, all fees in opening Mystery boxes are destroyed, (e.g. if you open 1000BNB mystery boxes today means you have destroyed 100 BNB value of BHT. So, the ecosystem is great to make protection.

Q5: What are the major products of “BNBHunter”? How its different from NFT P2E Gaming competitors?

Jeffrey simon: The major products of BNBHunter has been divided into a few parts.  

The first phase is Adventure park, users or players can get rewards as I said before in collecting and drawing the NFTs in the BNBHunter(this stage will be launched this month) also, in this chapter, users can staking the NFTs to get BHT and trade it.

The next step follows our roadmap, and also we will launch the MMORPG game to finish our target in the GameFi field. The differences between it and others are game modes(MMORPG is more interesting), rewards (Playing online multiple-player games while earning ), and NFT. The NFTs bought before gaming will get special rewards in system.

Q6: I read that in BNBHunter, one of the biggest benefits is the fact that it rewards the holder. That’s really a good thing, but through what mechanism did they manage to do it and what mechanisms were put in place to be able to reward holders with $BNB?

Jeffrey simon: Yes, Good question! It matches our innovation in game design.

Open Mystery boxes in the BNBHunter and you can get map fragments randomly! The price of each mystery box is fixed, and just image that the fragments of map can be put together into a complete map, that’s big treasure map, so you can use the single fragment to staking or transfer it, but you can get 1BNB as reward if you do get a complete map! The complete map is made of 5 types of fragments!

So the user who gets all of those will get 1BNB as reward!

Q7: I see on your roadmap that in the fourth quarter of 2021 BNBHunter will have a “V1 Pre-Sale”. Can you provide more details about your Pre-sale? Have you met this point of your roadmap? If so, How can we participate in this Pre-Sale?

Jeffrey simon: Yes. The Pre-sale of BNBHunter is totally different and is more fair. We interviewed a lot of users and they think the whitelist has allowed a lot of cheating on the entries to win the quota, and so many related addresses are being added into the winner list. So it lost the market.

and btw, players will gradually pay attention to this project but they will miss it if they notice this project while its WL registration has been finished!

So the Pre-sale on BNBHunter is a special one with an IDO opened for the public! Yes, the IDO(Begin at 26th) is open for everyone! Now the Seed investment has been finished, and we’re going to talk with the final foundation and community with PE investment round, after this, we will launch the IDO page. I think it will probably be launched today or tomorrow. Then users can see the countdown to participate in IDO.

Q8: Revenue is a key factor for all projects to survive and keep the projects running. What is “BNBHunterGame’ way of generating profit and revenue? What is your revenue model?

Jeffrey simon: These are various way to earning in the BNBHunter, it make us stronger in the competition

No.1 You can collect the NFTs to win 1BNB just like simple spin like I said before

No.2 You can trade the NFTs in the market to earn the gap price of course

No.3 You can participate the Auction to win BNB with BHT (You can read the docs to know what’s the auction feature)

No.4 You can win JackPot to get big rewards! (as mentioned above)

No.5 You can get Rank Rewards by drawing more NFTs (Buy more mystery boxes get more rewards)

No.6 You can hold the BHT to get the profit considering the destroy process of steps.

No.7 You can staking your NFTs to mining the BHT in the game with high APY

Q9: Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? What is @BNBHunterGame’s plan to build trust and build collaboration in the community? And what is your strategy for attracting users from outside the crypto space?

Jeffrey simon: Okey. The inspiration comes up with reasons.

The Founder of BNBhunter has a lot of experience of gaming or finance market, they know a lot of feelings about players and users in the product.

And we consider the long-term purpose, so that’s why the team has only 2.5% BHT, and cliff 180 days then linearly over 19months. We’re confident.

And we were also interested in users outside the crypto, so we created this mode and developed the MMORPG game which is the most popular game type around the world.

Q10: So BNB Hunter has these “fragments”. How can users collect fragments and where can we get them?

Jeffrey simon: As I said before, the users and players can get “map fragments” by buying the mystery boxes, and people can buy it in the  “Explore” page which belongs to the “Launch App” part.

And It is worth mentioning that we call the role of NFT fragment, the role NFT is one fragment of Map. 5 fragments can get a complete map to swap 1BNB as reward!

People can draw NFT fragments in the explore page. Users can get it on the page and we will launch it soon!

BSCDaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with BNB Hunter 

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jeffrey simon: Thank you for this event and the professional AMA. Thank you.

BSCDaily Admin: Thank you and we wish BNB Hunter the best of luck in the future!





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