BNB Grant DAO Lands Hundreds of Contributors in 10 Days

Many projects have applied through the multichain-friendly ecosystem dedicated to building a stage for showcasing developer talent to the world.

Solid Start to Revelation Hackathon BNB Grant

BNB Chain and multi-chain developer incentive platform DoraHacks secured a significant partnership on March 21. Both platforms combined to host the first-ever global BNB Chain Hackathon, “Revelation,” featuring $10 Million in prizes and seed funding from contributors. 

The 50-day Revelation Hackathon event started on March 21 and is scheduled to end on May 10, as many projects apply for grants to build on multiple chains. DoraHacks created the BNB Grant Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) after the launch, comprising community funding rounds. The first BNB Grant funding round has started positively, recording over 800 contributors in 10 days. Additionally, over 14 BNB has been raised from community contributions.

The event features online workshops and in-person meetups that focus on six ecosystems across multiple chains: Non-fungible Token (NFT) space, GameFi and Metaverse, DAO, Innovative Infrastructure, Frontier Technology, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and Blockchain for good causes. 

Each category is directed by the biggest names in the blockchain space, including Certik and Venus protocol. As of writing, over 60 projects have submitted their applications to receive funding, while users vote by contributing. 

The BNB Chain and DoraHacks ‘Revelation’ is the first of many global hackathons to hit the blockchain industry every quarter. The first round, which has gained momentum, is a perfect initiative for the community to help build blockchain projects. While the innovation welcomes projects across different chains, it is very positive for the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem. 

BSC News published an article about the innovation on March 22. You can read it HERE. 

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