BNB Game CARVnival Lands with 30+ Partners, Weeks of GameFi Fun

A big collection popular games from BNB Chain have come together to make an all-encompassing #GameFi event that you don’t want to miss!

BNB GameFi CARVnival 

The BNB Game CARVnival began on November 22 with over 30 GameFi projects and thousands of dollars in prizes available for players to win. Led by the team behind CARV, the carnival-themed event will expose users and BNB Chain enthusiasts to an array of top games.

The three-week bonanza ending December 10 will consist of AMAs, game nights, mini-tournaments, and specific in-game quests. Players can compete and celebrate well-known BNB Chain games like BinaryXPuffverseBurgerCities, and many more. 

“Big get togethers bring many incredible games to a wider range of gamers at their finger tips,” Victor Yu, Operations Partner, CARV told BSC News. “By having a community of likeminded gamers enjoying the fun together, the onboarding and education process becomes more seamless and even enjoyable.”

The CARV team wanted to create a gaming experience that showed players all aspects of games. The AMAs will allow players to learn the backstory and ask teams questions, while the gaming events will let users experience the games firsthand.

“For participants of CARVnival, they can experience firsthand the social aspect and in-game premiums that could be unlocked with their gamer IDs and credential,” Yu added. “By providing a place for gamers to explore different genres of games, games can showcase and reach real gamers who genuinely enjoy gameplay.”

The atmosphere will be similar to an old-school arcade vibe. Users will be exposed to various games and players in a fun social environment. The exposure to new games that users may not have heard of before helps users see the variety of games being built with blockchain technology. 

Yu was excited that the CARV team was able to get all the projects together and bring platers the fun social atmosphere. He added that “many of the projects have been old friends” and that building the event together “was a combination of rekindling old partnerships while seeing firsthand more co-building in the space.”

Source: CARV

Plus there are prizes!

Over $6,000 BUSD and a 20,000 Token Prize Pool are up for grabs! The best users will compete and try to win prizes. There are also airdrops, early-access game passes, and more!

“We are adding the cherry on top with giveaways such as NFTs, token drops, early access perks, and prize pools of BUSD from partners,” said Yu.

Interested users should head over to CARVnival’s official overview blog post or check out the event’s dashboard to see the top players so far!

What is CARV:

Carv is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the mission to build a player-owned gaming identity that enable achievement display, friends & games discovery, as well as direct monetization. Carv empowers games and guilds to accurately distribute and launch incentive campaigns to players.

Where to find CARV:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Medium | LinkTree |

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