BNB Developers Unveil Blueprint for Upcoming Ecosystem Project Roadmap


BNB Chain has officially released its technology roadmap for Greenfield, a significant milestone aimed at elevating blockchain performance, enhancing development experiences, and expanding multi-chain capabilities. This strategic initiative targets both Web2 and Web3 developers and users.

Roadmap Highlights

According to the official statement, the Greenfield roadmap is meticulously designed to propel the mass adoption of blockchain technology. The focus is set on achieving performance levels comparable to popular Web2 service providers.

  • 5x increase in Storage Provider (SP) upload and download speeds:
    • From 2MB/s to 10MB/s (upload)
    • From 20MB/s to 100MB/s (download)
  • Enhanced Greenfield blockchain storage performance:Efforts to eliminate bottlenecks in processing large blocks of transactions.

Developer-Focused Features

The Greenfield roadmap emphasizes compatibility with popular Web2 and Web3 standards to simplify the developer experience. Key features include:

  • Source tagging
  • Indexing
  • Simple data migration
  • Object atomic updating

These features collectively provide a robust foundation for growth and adoption within the blockchain ecosystem.

About Greenfield

Greenfield stands as the third blockchain in the BNB Chain ecosystem, following Beacon Chain and Smart Chain. Utilizing BNB as its native token, Greenfield’s primary objective is to enable a decentralized data economy.

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