BNB Coin Skyrockets, Defying Predictions

BNB Coin Skyrockets, Defying Predictions

BNB Coin Surges Beyond Expectations

These days, BNB Coin is exceedingly popular as it has crossed the $600 mark, a growth rate that was not anticipated in such a short time. Moreover, gains nearing 20% daily in major cryptocurrencies with massive market values like BNB Coin are even more eye-catching.

So, what dollar amount is the famous crypto commentator Kaleo targeting?

BNB Coin Price Target

Just recently, the popular crypto analyst Kaleo revealed his price target for BNB Coin, one of the largest altcoins. The analyst announced his targets against both BTC and the dollar, also revealing the region where he plans to sell. On the other hand, as this article was being prepared, BNB Coin was at $603.

If BNB Coin’s price can reach the 0.022 and 0.03 levels against BTC, this would indicate peaks ranging from $1430 to $2145 based on the current Bitcoin price.

How Much Will BNB Coin Be Worth?

As the BTC price continues to stay strong, high market cap altcoins are on the rise. This suggests that the BTCD (Bitcoin Dominance Index) could loosen further. At the time of writing, the BNB Coin price holding above $600 is closer than ever to its historical peak since the last bear market.

The ongoing battle between Binance exchange and the SEC could affect whether this scenario materializes or not. Or it could extend the time it takes to reach the $1300 target in a reasonable scenario.

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