BNB Chain Spotlight: Binance US Marketing Specialists

Two Binance US marketing team members opened up for a round of questions to help promote their events and developments.

Binance US Marketing Team

The Binance US marketing department has kicked into a new gear in 2022. The marketing team for the US franchise arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange has been offering a series of top Twitter Spaces, amongst other events, to keep American users primed on the most important updates out of crypto. The team has brought in executives from top chains like Fantom and Polygon, plus has held PlayToEarn discussions with projects like Ethereum’s Axie Infinity

BSC News is grateful for two Marketing team members––Cullen Dosch, Community Growth Specialist, and Garret Truckess, Community Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator––who took the time to answer questions about the growth of Binance US, struggles, and tips for discussing crypto, and a few personal details. From helping promote charity for the Ukraine crisis through SaveTheChildren to building rapport amongst US users, the team of Dosch and Truckess is making impacts further than their jurisdictions require.

Be sure to watch out for the weekly Twitter spaces events from both Dosch and Truckess. Binance US is currently arriving at the end of its month-long Women’s History Month celebration. The moth celebration featured several events highlighting important stories of females in the tech and blockchain industries. 


Q: Do you both mind sharing some of your backgrounds? Any origins to ‘crypto’ story?

Cullen: I got into crypto during the start of the last bull run and had a basic understanding of crypto because I was a big gamer who was passionate about things like World of Warcraft. Over time this interest evolved from my fascination with economics into a true passion. I don’t come from a traditional background or have a formal education which is why crypto was so empowering for me. I truly believe crypto is a great equalizer for those willing to spend the time to learn. My background is in customer service and telecom. My first role at Binance.US was on the customer service team before moving into my current role with the Marketing team.

Garret: I graduated from Haverford College in 2019 and majored in Political Science. As part of our graduation requirement, all students were required to formulate and complete a bachelor’s thesis for graduation. I wrote my thesis on blockchain-based voting protocols for U.S political elections (beginning in 2018). I don’t think my solution was taken too seriously at the time. However, rampant voting difficulties and the inefficiencies of centralized bureaucracy have definitely added validity to my argument. My past work experience, before joining Binance.US in May 2021, has predominantly been focused on customer and partnership research, outreach, and retention. I worked in business development for a SaaS start-up before making a transition into a marketing and partnerships role at one of the largest, privately owned sanitation companies in the North East.

Q: Within the US, the laws vary from state to state. Does your team factor that into marketing and growth? I ask because Binance US is not allowed in all 50 states.

C: Absolutely. Binance.US was created to adhere to all U.S. regulations, and each state has a unique set of rules and regulations that we take very seriously. Today, we operate in 45 states and are actively working with state regulators in the remaining states to receive what is called a money transmitting license (MTL), so we can operate in all U.S. states and territories.

Q: After a year with a few different CEO changes, how is the outlook for 2022 under Brian Schroder? What is the vibe at Binance US?

C: Brian Shroder joined in August of 2021, and within a short period of time, he has assembled an impressive executive team and has his eye on building the best crypto exchange in America, with a strong focus on compliance and a commitment to being customer-focused. It’s been an exciting time here at Binance.US and the year ahead looks very promising.

Q: Fantom was a cool choice for the first Spaces. The FTM token was recently listed on Binance.US, but what other motivating factors were there? Is this bullish for a multichain future?

G: We’re always looking for collaboration opportunities with any of the tokens on our exchange. Our primary goal with FTM was to provide an educational platform for our community and allow Michael Kong to share the Fantom Foundation’s message.


Q: What are the short-term and long-term goals for your team?

C: Short term, we’re focused on growing the size of our communities on social media and launching innovative activations and campaigns to introduce the Binance.US brand to more U.S. residents. Long term, we’re looking to build the most engaged crypto community while also creating helpful education resources for new users. We’re also activating our network of advocates called the Binance.US Angels to collaborate and engage with our community.

Q: The exchange competition appears to be getting heated based on the recent Super Bowl Ads – Can you speak to the role of Binance US in this larger campaign? 

C: We believe that doing your own research and being well informed is critical to the next wave of crypto adoption. As you saw during the Super Bowl, some platforms are using celebrities and naming rights to get their name out there. We’re taking a different approach and focusing our efforts on crypto education and empowering consumers. But yes, it was fun to see so many crypto and Web3 companies having a presence during the big game.

Q: When attracting new users, how do you overcome the hurdle of stigma on crypto?

C: Explaining to newcomers the use cases and utility can be a great starting point. Explaining useful concepts like remittance for those sending money to family in other parts of the world is one such example.

Q: What’s your pitch to getting someone outside of crypto to join? Is there a difference to say a direct peer/friend; or someone younger vs. someone older?

C: Explaining the concept of financial freedom alongside potential use cases for friends is a solid starting point, but I also believe you cannot force a perspective on how they should participate. It requires some level of curiosity for individuals to truly want to learn about any concept.

G: My pitch to anyone just starting crypto is to do research on the history of money/currency. Understanding fiat currency and how it functions is crucial. Both inflation and debasement are symptoms of a fiat monetary system, and understanding this will aid in crypto acceptance. I also suggest that they read the Bitcoin Whitepaper.


Q: You both seem young (i.e. not boomers) — how does the younger generation do better to attract older users? How do you go beyond Twitter Spaces?

C: We have taken a step back to observe and approach reaching people from many different venues. We are continuously expanding the platforms we are on and trying new ways to provide interesting content to intrigue existing and new users.

G: Educational and informational content is the greatest way to open up the older generations to crypto. Although memes and social trends are fun additions to the industry, they don’t typically resonate with this demographic. Similarly to the .com boom and the expansion of the world wide web, crypto will become more widely adopted as resources and tools are made more easily available. Whitepapers, academic journals, and crypto learning sites, like CoinMarketCap, provide some of these resources and tools.

Q: Do you think the average user cares more about decentralization? What do you find is their main concern?

C: I think as more users understand the crypto and DeFi ecosystem, along with its ability to bring people greater financial freedom, people will appreciate the benefits of decentralization more.

G: Different users have different types of needs when it comes to an exchange (ex: trader v.s hodler). Our goal is to fine-tune our UX so that we can continue to provide the best experience for our users.

Q: What is your regulatory outlook in the US? Does this limit your ability to attract users? How do you overcome this?

C: Binance.US is engaging in active and constructive dialogue with U.S. policymakers on smart regulation that increases clarity and trust while allowing American innovation and leadership to flourish. We believe America should lead the world in crypto and look forward to working with policymakers and regulators in the year ahead.

Q: Any favorite media? Movies, music, books, art?

C: I am an avid gamer. Zelda is my favorite game series ever. I like most music, except country, and I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan. I collect NFTs for art as well as utility.

G: I’m a massive Tolkien fan! The Lord of the Rings is my favorite trilogy (& favorite movies), and the Hobbit is my #1 book. I’m pretty big on all things sci-fi/fantasy, like Star Wars, Harry Potter, & Marvel. I love electronic music, specifically bass house/deep house & hardstyle. Most of my time outside of crypto is spent with my friends/family & in the gym.

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