BNB Chain Presents “BNBeach Dubai” Networking Event at Token2049 (April 10)

BNB Chain Presents "BNBeach Dubai" Networking Event at Token2049 (April 10)

The Event

The event, sponsored by Lido and Web3Go, will feature exclusive talks on topics including meme tokens, DeFi, and AI.

About BNBeach Dubai

BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem, is hosting BNBeach Dubai at Token2049 event in Dubai on April 17. The event will take place at a scenic private beach, offering participants the opportunity to forge new connections and explore exciting collaborations.

BNBeach is an exclusive collaboration space designed to build connections. Attendees can enjoy recreational activities like sun beds and a pool, and will receive limited edition BNB merchandise, including BNB Chain towels. Industry leaders will present on topics including the meme economy, DeFi, and AI, with insights from BNB Chain.

Event Sponsors

  • Lido: Prominent liquid staking protocol that joined BNB Chain last year.
  • Web3Go: Data intelligence network building for decentralized AI.

About BNB Chain

BNB Chain is a community-driven blockchain ecosystem removing barriers to Web3 adoption. It consists of:

  • BNB Smart Chain (BSC): Secure DeFi hub with lowest gas fees of any EVM-compatible L1; serves as the ecosystem’s governance chain.
  • opBNB: Scalability L2 with lowest gas fees of any L2 and rapid processing speeds.
  • BNB Greenfield: Meets decentralized storage needs for the ecosystem and allows users to establish their own data marketplaces.

The ecosystem prioritizes security with the AvengerDAO community protecting users and Red Alarm providing real-time risk-scanning for Dapps. It also offers monetary and ecosystem rewards through its Builder Support Program.

For more information, follow BNB Chain on Twitter or explore BNB’s Dapp library.

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