BNB Chain NFT Spotlight: Dehuffski

The crypto community leader and NFT enthusiast opened up to BSC News in an effort to help promote the more human side of the digital world.

Dehuffski: NFT Host on BSC

There are unsung heroes behind many NFT projects who help make the communities and projects prosper. Beyond the artists, these roles are often designated as community managers and admins. They work behind the scenes trying to promote and support all aspects of the projects they are involved in. 

Today, we want to highlight Dehuffski, a Community Manager for the Bull Society (TBS), an NFT project on BNB Chain, as well as a Business Development Manager for Liquid Collectibles, an NFT platform, and marketplace on BNB Chain. Dehuffski was kind enough to answer questions and open up about his work.

Those involved with NFTs on BNB Chain will know that Dehuffski is a prominent voice for the Bulls. The resident of Devon, England, and avid Gary Vee reader, helps steer a posse of bullish beasts on the BNB Chain and is staking his claim as one of the more charismatic hosts around. 

Be sure to catch Dehuffski on his Twitter Spaces. They run multiple times a week and routinely gather a group of like-minded folks who love NFTs on BNB Chain. The group galvanizes around topics like crypto and construct a togetherness while providing an opportunity for all to join in and speak. There’s really no one who can’t be given the mic in a Dehuffski Twitter Spaces!

Source: Dehuffski, wearing one of his many hats. 

Q: Tell me about your different roles? I see you wear multiple hats for different groups.

A: That’s an interesting way of putting it, which I completely agree with. I am immersed in a number of different projects which I support in one way or another. Familiarising myself with each community-izms and style helps give me a broader understanding of the whole BSC NFT ecosystem. My official roles within this space are lead community manager for the Bulls and Business Development Manager for Liquid Collectibles.

Q: Which of the roles do you prefer, or at least find yourself liking best? Maybe all of them? What inspires you within them?

A: Honestly, I feel like I appreciate them both equally. There are similarities between the two: for each role requires a certain element of project knowledge, plus the need to understand each project’s target audience. 

Something that always catches my eye is when a community’s telegram/discord are active, and there’s a continuous healthy dialogue between the project leads/team and the community members, as well as there being no toxicity or negative energy towards other projects. Seeing a healthy and supportive community excites me more than a high floor price- if the community isn’t there, something is lacking. 

Q: If you had an unlimited budget or infinite time for these roles, what would you do? 

A: I would choose infinite time, every time. There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done that needs to be done! Or maybe clone myself so I can get more done and be in two places at once [haha]!


Q: Can you describe the projects you work on? Bull Society and Liquidity Collectibles? How do you see them fit within the BSC ecosystem?

A: The Bull Society is the project I will always remain loyal and active in. From the first time I spoke with the Ox (artist/founder), I knew this was something special. In my opinion, Bull Society is becoming more of a driving force within the BSC NFT ecosystem every day. A tightly knit team of 5 people, We’re constantly looking to build on our project and grow the community by giving back to our holders and providing a real ‘society’ on the blockchain where you can feel a sense of safety and inclusion, whether you hold 100 Bulls or 1. 

Our roadmap is one that’s constantly updated and praised as ambitious yet attainable. With plans to enter into the metaverse later this year, the Bull Society has never made a promise that was not kept. Both of our collections sold out in impressive times. Our marketplace even provides secondary collections and a chance to gain reflection rewards simply for minting/holding those collections.

Liquid Collectibles is a pioneering BSC project, being the first NFT liquidity maker on BSC and the only ‘liquid’ marketplace on the smart chain. Supported and powered by ApeSwap, LICO is a ten-person team that brings something fantastic to the project’s development. LICO offers NFT projects a fantastic opportunity to create instant liquidity and utility by indexing your NFTs. When a project partners with LiqCollectibles, its holders can immediately enter the world of DeFi by yield farming, using their NFTs index token to do so. 


You can also stake Liquid Collectibles’ own token, ‘LICO’ to earn your favorite project’s index token. The team I work with are all passionate and well-versed- the milestones reached in the 3+ months LICO has been around are very impressive, with so many plans for the future. LICO also has their own NFT collection, Liquid Monsters,  which continues to grow in popularity and continues to move very good volume! 

Both TBS and LICO’s collections are within the top 10 highest volumes traded on

To me, both of these projects fit perfectly into the BSC ecosystem. With the Bulls continuing to innovate and grow within this space, growing its community, its value, and shaping its brand, and LICO’s vision to offer a real, incredible utility to NFT projects, both projects have the goal in mind to help people create easily accessible passive income.

Q: What do you find unique about crypto community building? I.e., What keeps people coming back to crypto?

A: What is unique to me, is that although I have never met any of these people within the crypto community and may never meet them in the future, I feel like I’m truly making friends and creating lifelong bonds with people. 

By helping people understand that the project cannot grow and succeed without a community, I hope to save some people the heartache of wondering where they might have gone wrong when their project fails to deliver or keep up with any hype or market demand.

The sooner that community managers and moderators learn to really interact, listen to, and speak with their members…  the sooner that brand/project loyalty will flourish and grow into something unstoppable.

Q: Why is BSC a great place for NFTs? 

A: Within the BSC NFT space, we are all still so early (pardon the cliche),  but it’s absolutely true! Some of the art within these projects is incredible, and many of the people here are genuine, passionate, and honest people. We look after each other here, and those that come into the community with malicious intent tend to get sniffed out fairly quickly. It is a place of trust and constant growth. 

Q: What are your favorite use-cases for NFTs?

A: The art has to be solid! Originality is great, but there are original artwork and ideas even within some of the derivative projects. I am a big fan of passive income, so any projects out there that can offer it always catch my eye, especially if the passive income is easy to access.

Q: What’s your view on crypto as a force for good in the world?

A: I believe Crypto Will be an integral everyday part of everyone’s lives in the near future. The blockchain, NFTs, DeFi are just the start! People that never had the chance to create something unique and find financial freedom can do that now with the right amount of hard work, dedication, and honesty. 


Q: Do you mind sharing about yourself? How did you come to the cryptocurrency industry?

A: I only stumbled across cryptocurrency in a tease in August 2021, having worked in nursing/healthcare for the national health service for over six years up until that point. I feel like I’ve learned so much already in the last six months, and I know there is still so much more to learn in the future! No two days are the same and the flexibility and freedom with working within Web3 is something I’ve never experienced up until now. I never thought in 1 million years I would be hosting regular spaces on Twitter and running NFT projects, consulting newcomers within the space, and community building- but here I am! 

Q: What profession other than crypto would you like to attempt (if you had unlimited ability/time, etc.)? What would you not want to do?

A: I would probably do public speaking, maybe voice-overwork. I can safely say I would never make it working in a bank or as a data analyst. I’m far too easily distracted for that [haha]!

Q: Any favorite media? I.e., books, movies, music, art?

A: I feel like I’ve virtually completed everything on Netflix and Amazon Prime so I could go on for hours. My favorite movies are City of God, Annihilation, Battle Royale, and Bronson. Favorite books are probably ‘Million Little Pieces,’ ‘The Tao of Pooh,’ and anything from Gary Vee! I’m a real eclectic when it comes to my music. From ScHoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar to disclosure, from Bon Iver to Gladys Knight and the Pips. 

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: I want to say thank you to everyone within the BSC space who supports me and supports each other. I’m living proof that no matter your background, no matter how much or how little experience you have, we can do anything you set your mind to. And this is just the beginning!

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