BNB Chain NFT Spotlight: CryptoGirlfriend, pt. 2

In the second of this two-part interview we hear from one of the veterans of the entire BSC space.

CryptoGirlfriend: BSC Original

We’re back with another take on the BNB Chain NFT Spotlight, with CryptoGirlfriend. She’s an original star to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and BNB Chain family. With a name of endearment and massive social media following Crypto Girlfriend, has become a premier name on BSC. She was one of the original invitees to the BSC News Podcast back in January 2021, and we’re proud to bring her back. 

In this chat, we dive into the details behind some of CryptoGirlfriend’s recent projects, including her recent NFT mint, a crypto comic book, a cookie-based play-to-earn game, as well as her side gig as a music DJ. As a self described technical degen, CryptoGirlfriend brings a weather experience through her security recommendations and details how art has helped bring a community feeling back to the BNB Chain

Be sure to check out all of CryptoGirlfriend’s projects, including her most recent NFT Mint of 6969 NFTs that sold. Pay attention to when she will begin her upcoming NFTility Twitter Spaces, which will be a speed dating style NFT shill space for projects and their creators.


Q: Tell me your vision for making it all work – how are you doing all these projects. you have your own NFT releases, you’re doing a Cookie P2E Game as well with NFTs? Explain how you envision all that moving forward.

A: When I first was going to launch my NFTs, I was deciding if I wanted to just do them on Ethereum because that’s where all the big NFTs were. I could have easily done that and launched on Ethereum and probably sold a ton of NFTs. We need more people on BSC to be building – more than just NFTs. We need people to be building platforms, to be building games. 

I know it’s a lot easier to make some artwork than to develop a whole marketplace, or a whole 3D game, or any of this stuff. There’s that thing that CZ says: keep building. It is one of the things that he’s always promoting. Keep building. So I decided I want to build some more tools. I want to build. I wanted to build beside my NFTs, and beside my comic book. 

Again, the comic book was originally just gonna be a comic book, and nothing else. That’s all I was gonna do. And then it became a rarity service. And I was like, ‘Okay, well, I’m doing AMAs already. I do host AMA’s in Telegram on text. I host and do interviews on Twitter Spaces on voice. I do interviews on YouTube on video. I can, why don’t I just promote other NFT projects on BSC as a part of the book?’ It can be another marketing resource for them. 

With the game, it all went from there. I happened to find a game developer, and all of a sudden, I was like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna build a play-to-earn game.’ Some of these play-to-earn games I’ve been playing are just like a few clicks and that’s it. I’m like, ‘this is terrible. This game is boring.’ But I keep playing it because I’m trying to earn whatever thing with my NFTs. I know of a few people that are making like some real good games you can play, like you can physically play. We decided to do was make a game that is playable too. 

For those that know me, they know that I love to bake cookies. I’m always sharing pictures of cookies on my Telegram and Twitter. When we were deciding what kind of game we wanted to build, I was like, ‘Well, why don’t we make a cookie game.’ It seemed like something that nobody else was doing. 

So the idea is that you have to use your NFT to play the game where then you run around the different rooms, collecting different ingredients. Once you have enough ingredients, then you can use those to bake the cookies in the oven. You can also burn the cookies. So watch out. Then there’s the other part is you’re fighting bad guys along the way. In my demos that I’ve tried out, I’m not very good at it. So I usually die when I fight the bad guys, but I think with practice, I’ll get there so I can bake the perfect cookie.


You know I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been around BSC since December 2020. I’m here. I’m here to stay. I’m gonna figure it out and make it work and keep testing and keep pushing forward.

Q: Speak a little more to that idea of like the community where you’re saying, like, you know, builders need to stay here, need builders to need to be on BSC.  Building a piece of art is more accessible, and not everybody is a programmer, and not everybody wants to program. I feel like art is a great way to start building a community. Have you found that? Have you found that it’s easier to build a community around art?

A: It’s really interesting because I would say in crypto in general, there are not a lot of women in this space. I’m one of the few in most of these chat rooms that I’m in, unfortunately. I would like to see a lot more women in these spaces. In some of the Twitter spaces I’ve been doing, I’ve been meeting a lot of women that are in NFTs and drawn the line to the art. I think that’s drawing in like a completely different crowd of people than the average DeGen crypto trader that we’re all used to – which I totally am, too [laughs].

I love working with artists. I love art, I’ve always loved art. I do think it is easier for some people to get into crypto is through artwork from what I’m seeing. It’s really cool because I’m seeing that maybe somebody is an artist, maybe somebody over here is a community manager, then there are some developers, and maybe they’re all working on different projects in some aspect. But what happens is, some of them make friends and get together, and they say, ‘let’s make a project together now.’ Or somebody comes into the chat, and is like, Oh, hey, ‘I’m looking for a developer,’ or, ‘Hey, I’m looking for a game developer.’ People are always willing to point them in the right direction and help each other. I’ve been recently seeing some new projects that are being worked on and these people just met over the course of the last month that were all working on separate projects. Now they’ve come together to create more of a Dream Team, let’s say, 

Because maybe you are just an artist, but you are missing some pieces. That’s kind of my idea, too, with the whole project that we’re working on. We’re building an NFT marketplace that also includes a launchpad because I want to continue to help other people. Maybe it’s an artist but they don’t have a smart contract, or they don’t have a website or whatever. Maybe they need to they want to make a game and we have a game developer. So it’s like everyone working together to achieve the goal. So I think that’s a big part of it and constantly giving back and constantly helping build and grow the community and further people along with making them a better person.

I think presence is a huge part of that. Like you’re saying, you are the only female on some of these chats. I think that speaks to a lot of how if you continually show up as your crypto identity or your personality in this space and the more people see you, that’s a good thing. It lends credence to how there is room for women in this space, but even how there is room for anyone to be themself.

That’s what I was just talking to somebody the other weekend about it. And I was talking to them about how some of these people are coming in selling out their NFTs, and then they bail. Like if they don’t have any utility to their project or they don’t want to keep doing any work to the community interested. I’ve been seeing a couple of rugs lately, unfortunately, where the devs skip out. As I was talking to somebody about that, they said, ‘Oh, yeah, I think your project with everything you’re doing is going to be one of the blue-chip projects on BSC.’ And it was nice to hear that from somebody. You know I’m not going anywhere. I’ve been around BSC since December 2020. I’m here. I’m here to stay. I’m gonna figure it out and make it work and keep testing and keep pushing forward.


The idea is to be careful and take some safety measures, and know that you could lose all your money at any time – which means don’t put in more than you’re willing to lose. 

Q: So as a veteran in this space, what would be your do’s and don’ts? If I was going to be an extraterrestrial or an alien dropped from another planet, a new crypto user per se. When would say ‘don’t do this, or ‘you should definitely do this?’

A: Well, definitely, security is one of the most important things. One of the first things is to get a hardware wallet and learn how to use it, figure out how to interact with the contracts. Even, go figure out how to do some basic things with the smart contracts. Like how to interact directly with the contracts in case you need to do an emergency withdrawal or something like that. 

Some of that’s a little bit over people’s heads at first, which is fine, just be aware of what you’re approving on these different websites. There are different websites like Unrekt. I know Beefy Finance has one where you can remove any of the allowances. Anytime you go to one of these sites, you’re connecting your wallet, and you’re giving them approval. If they’re a shady website, you might not know that they could steal your tokens. I’ve had it happen before, I’ve definitely been rugged a few times or had a yield farm take money out of my wallet. So it definitely can happen. 

The other thing I would say is don’t put all your eggs in one basket, I have multiple wallets that I use, I spread it around. Like I’ve invested in CAKE a lot and I would even have my CAKE spread out on three or four different sites just in case. You don’t know if a site is going to get exploited, or anything like that. The idea is to be careful and take some safety measures, and know that you could lose all your money at any time – which means don’t put in more than you’re willing to lose. 

Those are some of the things that I usually talk about, but a lot of people are now trying to get into NFTs and they don’t even know anything about them or where to start. Twitter Spaces has been amazing to learn about NFTs for sure. I’ve learned a lot myself listening to what other people are saying and what they what they’ve been doing as far as building communities and marketing and all of that other stuff that is not the technical stuff. 

There are already all these like professional gaming companies that have mastered 3D virtual worlds. And now it’s like people are starting over. The quality is just not as good as the game gaming companies. Why don’t we take the existing gaming companies and just integrate crypto into those? Seems like it would make a lot more sense.


Another thing is to watch videos on YouTube – for sure. Those are so many things that you can educate yourself about. Things are changing so rapidly that you can almost never stay ahead of the game. I try to do pretty well, but it’s impossible. It’s one of those things. Every week I feel like there’s a new network that popped up or there’s a new type of coin that came out that everybody’s forking. You’re never gonna be able to keep up. 

But if NFTs are something you’re interested in, there are tons of Twitter Spaces that you can tune into and join. Just join the communities, talk to them and ask questions. What I like about the NFT communities is they’re all very friendly. Everybody’s super friendly and super nice. So you’re not going to have most of these people that like to FUD. These Spaces are not full of bad people who just shill shit coins like most DeGen chats. NFTs as a whole are a bit more on the level for people that are not used to that trolly behavior.

Q: Do you have any favorite media, like any favorite books, movies, or art?

A: For me, I would say I’m big into music. I’m a DJ. I love music, specifically trance music. I like other EDM music too. It has always really helped me during stressful times. Sometimes if I just need to destress, if the world just feels like it’s falling apart around me or it’s just been a crazy day. I love to just turn on my CDJs and just play some music. Again, trance is what gets me into a different world and it acts as a destresser. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something specific but I know music has always helped me through hard times. Whether that be the death of a relative or just whatever it may be. It has a lot of emotion behind it and it helps me become normal and sane again.

Q: Is there a DJ that you draw on or that you think your work replicates? I’m not big into trance, but I like some EDM. I have favorites like Nicolas Jaar or Solomon, but those aren’t really trance.

My two favorite artists were Manuel Le Saux and Armin van Buuren. Manuel was the first one I really listened to religiously and studied. I kind of modeled my mixing style off of him. But then I got into more of Armin, who you may be familiar with. He’s a number one guy. He’s been the number one DJ in the world multiple times.  I would say he is more like my performing as he’s always smiling, always very energetic on stage. But overall, I take some of my long mixing skills from Manuel and when performing I am usually loving the music like Armin.

Q: Do you still do performances? Where have you done shows?

A: I don’t much anymore. I have two little kids and I performed more before my kids. I used to play out around where I live California. I used to play out in San Diego at all the clubs. I played LA a few times, also played in Vegas. I have been over and played out in Miami a few times for the Winter Music Conference. So those were all very fun. 

Primarily the thing I like doing – and if I can fit something in from time to time – I like to play like on my website. Just video streaming now and Twitch is the popular one that most of the DJs use. So if I do play now, it’s usually on Twitch. It just doesn’t happen that often these days. But if I didn’t have crypto, then I might have a little bit more time to DJ as crypto takes up a lot of my free time.

It was funny because during the pandemic when all the DJs suddenly went virtual and were going to play out anymore. I thought, ‘I’ve been there done that I was doing that years ago before everybody else. I have already been in the metaverse DJing in the middle.

I want to find some cool metaverses to DJ, I just think we’re so early on metaverses, and not really sure what the play is here and Metaverse, because there’s already like Sims games. There are already all these like professional gaming companies that have mastered 3D virtual worlds. And now it’s like people are starting over. The quality is just not as good as the game gaming companies. Why don’t we take the existing gaming companies and just integrate crypto into those? Seems like it would make a lot more sense.

Q: As a nongamer, that’s kind of my perspective too. From what I can see, there seems to be an interwar between gamers, like the purist gamers versus crypto progressive gamers, I guess you could say.

A: I know, it is crazy. I kind of did my game off the MetaMon game logic, where you earn fragments of eggs to create a whole egg. Once you have enough that you can mint the egg which is an NFT. It’s kind of the same type of concept with cookies. You can earn fragments of cookies or cookie dough until you earn enough to make or mint an actual cookie. There’s a lot of a lot to come. We’re just starting. 

Q: Do you have a timeline for your game? Like you said there’s like a demo already. But do you have an expected release date?

A: So there should be an actual functional demo in the next month or so that people can play and test out. It’s not too far off. Within the second quarter for sure. Same with the marketplace too. It’s probably a couple of weeks off. Maybe in two to three weeks, we’ll have the demo online to play with. It will be ever-evolving and add features. 

I was spending time in the BSC Gems Telegram when people kept asking, ‘is your marketplace gonna have this?’ Is it gonna have or is it gonna have that?’  My response was: ‘Why don’t you just tell me what you would like it to have? I’ll just write all the notes down and try to implement all of them.’ 

Because seriously, there hasn’t been a marketplace that everyone is like ‘this is the marketplace for BSC.’ Everyone’s striving to be that. I don’t know if mine will be that either. But I’m going to keep working on it and trying and listen to what people want and try to integrate what people are actually wanting between like advanced, you know, sorting and, you know, messaging the owner, you know, seeking work out a deal. 

There are all these different ideas that people have about what should be the ultimate marketplace. Look, even OpenSea has a lot of issues and limitations. That’s what I think as long as development is not cheap p especially if you’re going to consistently build and upgrade and maintain that. 

That’s kind of part of where the NFTs come into play and trying to raise money to fund the fund all of this. Because most people I think don’t even start building until after they’ve minted a lot of their NF T’s. And I was building it before we even thought about starting minting. I think we got it a little bit differently. I funded a lot of it myself.

Well, that’s all from me. Thank you for your time and good luck with your work. We’ll be watching you for sure.

Thank you for the opportunity.

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