BNB Chain Launches Web3 Stars Accelerator Exclusively for Vietnam

The program aims to find outstanding Web3 projects and help developers build scalable Web3 applications, giving increased access to the BNB Chain community.

CZ: ‘Huge’ Blockchain Potential in Vietnam

BNB Chain, the smart contract blockchain platform developed by cryptocurrency exchange Binance, announced it would launch its first BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator program in Vietnam. 

BNB Chain chose Vietnam for the Web3 sponsorship program about two months after Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao visited the country. He praised the rapid development and adoption of blockchain by the Vietnamese people.

“The potential of the Vietnamese blockchain industry is huge. You have many passionate and knowledgeable employees about technology. After interacting with the Vietnamese technology community, I see that you are very interested in innovation; many people are interested in new technology like blockchain. Vietnam is a potential market for Asia in the blockchain field,” Zhao told VnExpress.

BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator will select 10 Vietnamese crypto projects to participate in the incubation phase, including receiving BNB Chain’s marketing and community support and the opportunity to share funding worth $50,000 when the incubation period of the program ends.

BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator is open for registration until Aug. 20, and the top 10 winners will be announced on Aug. 25. After that, the selected projects will enter the incubation stage, participate in a Demo Day event on Aug. 30, and present at the Vietnam Web3 Stars Dapp offline meeting held in Ho Chi Minh City on Sept. 9. 

The best-performing project in the Web3 Stars Accelerator program will be featured in September’s BNB Chain Project Stars. The final winner will be announced on Oct. 1.


The program will accept projects from all fields (blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, etc.) and at all levels of development and pricing.

Evaluation criteria include:

the level of creativity of the solution

the sustainability of the token economy

the capacity of the project team

the ability to attract users.

Projects can apply to BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator here.

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