BNB Chain Introduce BEP131: Candidate Validators

The introduction of BEP131 could see a more robust and effective process for validators on the chain.

BEP 131 Provides Necessary Change

The BNB Chain developer community has reacted to validator calls and proposed an all-new BEP131 proposal aimed at bringing more decentralization and incentives for validator candidates on BNB Smart Chain.

In a website announcement on March 21, BNB Matthew explains that BNB Smart Chain’s current Proof-of-Stake Authority (PoSA) algorithm functions on 41 validators, with around half elected as active validators. This process is carried out based on BNB staked, with those staking highest elected every 24 hours. The other 20 that don’t reach the limit are deemed inactive and do not receive rewards. 

This means there is no incentive to provide quality service and software upgrades, and the BNB Chain developer community are now ready to address this issue:

“BNB Smart Chain will introduce a different approach to both the election period and the elected validators. After BEP131, the elections will occur every 200 blocks instead of 24 hours. The elected validator set (21) will consist of 19 validators randomly selected from the top 21 validators with the highest voting power and 2 validators randomly selected out of the validator candidates,” BNB Matthew revealed in the announcement.


What are the Benefits of BEP 131?

BNB Matthew set down four comprehensive ways the new initiative will have a positive impact:

Further decentralization and increased censorship-resistance 

Increased robustness and availability of the network 

An incentive for validators with lower voting power to keep their nodes active and attract user delegators 

Increased network resilience; if more than half of the validator set were censored or taken down, the network would remain operable.

The upgrade seeks to aptly reward participants and motivate validators to maintain their nodes. Interestingly ‘slash rules’ will also see validators punished for ‘malicious or harmful’ behavior.

BNB Smart Chain will now have more candidates to choose from through the new mechanism as opposed to the previous 21. If any instability problems ensue for validators for example, there will be an ample choice of candidates to come, improving the overall network.

BNB Smart Chain urges those interested in voicing their opinion to visit the BNB Chain Github.

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