BNB Chain Hosts One-Day FutureFi Event During Hackathon

A one-time event is set to explore the future of crypto on BNB Chain and give a crash-course adventure into FutureFi.

Specialized FutureFi Event 

A one-day event on April 5 is coming during the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, entitled FutureFi. With a focus on MetaFi, the event will feature 22 projects specializing in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) 2.0, various types of blockchain gaming, and crypto metaverse projects. 

The BNB Chain announced the FutureFi event through a blog post on April 1 by BNB Matthew that detailed everything users can expect from the in-depth single-day event. The event will run for seven hours and feature online presentations and panels where 30 users have a chance to win $60 BUSD during breaks in the action. 

Two familiar faces will host the event from the BNB Chain, Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain Fund, and Samy Karim, BNB Chain Ecosystem Coordinator. Starting with a keynote speech from Mr. Karim at 12:00-noon UTC, there will be back-to-back action until the event ends before 19:00 UTC.

The Event Schedule:

12:00-12:30 – FutureFi Opening Keynote speech by Samy Karim, BNB Chain Ecosystem Coordinator

12:40-13:10 – DeFi 2.0: Future of Lending and Staking with Venus Protocol, Alpaca, and Beefy Finance

13:20-13:50 – DeFi 2.0: Future of Institutional DeFi with Binance Labs, Tranchess & Hashkey Capital

14:00-14:30 – DeFi 2.0: Future of Retail DeFi with PancakeSwap, Belt Finance & GSR

14:40-15:10 – DeFi 2.0: Future of DeFi Derivatives with Gwendolyn Regina from BNB Chain Fund, Deri Protocol, MCDEX & ApolloX

15:10-15:30 – Break

15:30-16:00 – MultiChain; Beyond Bridging: Maximizing Capital Efficiency with CelerNetwork, LayerZero & Multichain

16:10-16:40 – New Users: How to Embark on DeFi with Samy Karim

16:50-17:20 – Security: Future of DeFi Security with RugDoc, CertiK & Zokyo

17:30-18:00 – NFT: Future of NFT Finance with Galler & NFTrade

18:10-18:40 – Gaming: Future of GameFi with MOBOX, Thetan Arena & Alien Worlds


The project attendees for the event include major names from the BNB Chain: Alien Worlds, Alpaca Finance, ApolloX, Beefy Finance, Belt Finance, Binance Labs, CelerNetwork, CertiK, Deri Protocol, Galler,, Hashkey Capital, LayerZero, MCDEX, Mobox, Multichain, NFTrade, PancakeSwap, RugDoc, Thetan Arena, Tranchess, Venus Protocol, and Zokyo. 

The event will be displayed on the BNB Chain Youtube as well as Binance Live. The Revelation Hackathon is a massive event from the BNB Chain in coordination with Dorahacks. The hackathon runs for 50 days and includes many sub-events like online workshops, and in-person meetups, with up to $10 million in prizes and seed funding for successful teams. 

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