BNB Chain Gives Tech Roadmap Update for 2023

BNB Chain developers lay out the technical roadmap for the network in 2023.

BNB Chain Tech Roadmap 2023

BNB Chain has published a comprehensive technological roadmap update for the network looking ahead to the rest of 2023.

The developers of the largest and most active blockchain in the world will continue to focus on scalability, user experience, and blockchain decentralization going forward, according to the February 14 blog post.

The scalability verticle will take the widest approach with BNB Chain confirming that it will tackle the issue in a multipronged fashion which will include mass adoption infrastructure, improving Ethereum Virtual Machin (EVM) capacity, on/off-chain storage integrations, multichain strategies, and more.

“One of the main limitations of blockchain technology is its performance, or the ability to process transactions reliably and quickly,” the BNB Chain Developer writes.

The blog post also confirmed that BNB Chain will seek to grow its validator count progressively to 100. When explaining how it will go about the validator growth, the blog said:

“There are several ways in which a blockchain network can be decentralized, and the specific steps that a network can take to expand its decentralization will depend on its current design and the goals of its developers,” the blog adds.

The validator count and lack of decentralization have always been a critique of BNB Chain. The growth is an improvement albeit growing to 100 still pales in comparison to the decentralization of other networks.

BNB Chain will also seek to improve the security of the network as well. After a year in which BNB Chain experienced its largest exploit to date, the security of the network will be tantamount to growth in the future. The complications grow bigger and the margins of error grow smaller as the network scales and bring in more users.

For a full review of the 2023 Tech Roadmap, see the blog here.

What is BNB Chain:

  • Previously known as the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), BNB Chain is a community-driven, decentralized, and censorship-resistant blockchain that is powered by Binance. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain, EVM compatible and facilitating a multi-chain ecosystem. Through the concept of MetaFi, BNB Chain aims to build the infrastructure to power the world’s parallel virtual ecosystem.

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