BNB Chain FutureFi Explores MetaFi and Web3

The 7-hour Livestream was packed with 22 different speakers representing top projects on BNB Chain. Each representative discussed the future of MetaFi, GameFi, DeFi, and NFTs, in a sub-event of the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon.

The Future of MetaFi on BNB Chain 

BNB Chain and Dorahacks collaborated to launch the BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon event on March 21. The 50-day global event, which arrived with online workshops, plus $10 million in prizes and seed funding, was also packed with different sub-events. 

These sub-events comprised in-person meetups, including workshops. One of the events was FutureFi, a one-day event focused on the MetaFi concept. The event was hosted online on April 5, featuring 22 projects from Decentralized Finance (DeFi), blockchain gaming, Non-fungible Tokens (NFT), and the metaverse. Of course, the projects on show were leading names in the BNB Chain ecosystem, and experts represented each project. 

The event lasted for 7 hours, from 12:00 UTC to 19:00 UTC, and was moderated by Gwendolyn Regina, BNB Chain Fund Investment Director, and Samy Karim, BNB Chain Ecosystem Coordinator. Samy Karim gave the opening keynote speech to kickstart the event. 

“[…]We have a really excellent lineup of guests. We are going to be covering talks about lending and staking, institutional DeFi, decentralized derivatives, DeFi derivatives markets. We are going to be talking about bridging, the evolving multichain and cross-chain landscape, as well as, DeFi security, the NFTs, and GameFi,” Samy Karim introduced the long lineup of discussions. 

With ‘multichain’ on the lips of industry leaders throughout the space, the event served up interesting ideas. Other important factors relating to the innovation in GameFi, as well as security were also highlights.


After the Keynote speech, the next phase was introduced fifteen minutes later as three top protocols, Venus Protocol, Alpaca Finance, and Beefy Finance, discussed the future of lending and staking. As expected, core team members represented each protocol: Head of product at Venus, Sean, Lead developer at Beefy Finance, West, and Head of PD at Alpaca Finance, James. 

“Lending is the backbone of DeFi, so what we are doing here is, we are accepting assets as collaterals. So, users that are coming in with compatible blockchain tokens, can deposit those into the protocol itself,” Sean stated when describing the working principle of Venus protocol.  

Other notable top projects that graced the event include Binance Labs, Tranchess, PancakeSwap, ApolloX, CelerNetwork, Certik, Galler, MOBOX, Alien Worlds, etc. As stated earlier, the broadcast lasted for 7 hours and was held on the BNB Chain YouTube and Binance Live. Users also won $1800 in prizes during the event. 

Group of Expert Discussions 

Like the three protocols that discussed the future of Lending and Staking, other protocols were divided into groups to talk about different topics based on the MetaFi concept. All the subjects and protocols include: 

Future of Lending and Staking: Venus, Alpaca Finance, and Beefy Finance.  

Future of Institutional DeFi: Binance Labs, Tranchess, and Hashkey Capital. 

Future of Retail DeFi: PancakeSwap, Belt Finance, and GSR. 

Future of DeFi Derivatives: Deri Protocol, MCDEX and ApolloX. 

Maximizing Capital Efficiency: Celer Network, LayerZero, and Multichain. 

Future of DeFi security: RugDoc, Certik, and Zokyo. 

Future of NFT Finance: Galler and NFTrade. 

Future of GameFi: MOBOX, Thetan Arena, and Alien Worlds. 

Watch the entire BNB Chain FutureFi event HERE

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