BNB Chain by Binance Set for Significant Upgrades

Binance’s BNB Chain Upgrades: Plato and Hertz

Binance’s BNB Chain is gearing up for two major hard forks in August 2023: Plato and Hertz. These upgrades are set to enhance security, stability, and compatibility, aligning the BNB Chain with the latest developments in the blockchain landscape.

Plato Upgrade: Introducing BEP-126 and the Fast Finality Mechanism

The first of the two upgrades, Plato, was implemented on August 10. This upgrade introduces the BEP-126 evolution proposal, specifically designed to incorporate a fast finality mechanism. This mechanism aims to eliminate block reversion potential, stabilize block production, and provide users with immediate access to accurate data from the most recently finalized block.

Arno Bauer, a senior solution architect at BNB Chain, emphasized the significance of fast finality in blockchain security and efficiency. Ensuring finality is crucial for maintaining trust within the blockchain ecosystem and preventing potential double-spending issues.

The BEP-126 achieves fast finality through a structured process:

  • Validators propose a block to the network.
  • The proposed block is shared with other validators.
  • Validators sign the block using private keys, generating a vote message.
  • Votes from validators are collected and aggregated, provided the parent block has sufficient votes.
  • Validators are bound by guidelines to ensure voting integrity.
  • A block is “justified” if the child block’s header contains an attestation.
  • A block is “finalised” if the union and its immediate child are justified.

Hertz Upgrade: Aligning with the Latest EVM Developments

The upcoming Hertz hard fork, scheduled for August 30, focuses on aligning the BNB Chain with the latest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) developments. This upgrade ensures compatibility by updating block and transaction structures, including the foundational EVM, to match the modifications introduced in Ethereum’s Berlin and London forks.

The integration of the fast finality mechanism is expected to create a more secure environment for decentralized applications (DApps) on the BNB Chain. Additionally, expedited transaction finality will enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of DApps operating on the platform.


The Plato and Hertz hard forks highlight Binance’s proactive approach to maintaining the competitiveness of the BNB Chain. By implementing advanced security measures and aligning with the latest EVM developments, the BNB Chain is poised to offer a more robust and resilient platform for developers, users, and stakeholders in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape.

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