Blue Horizon – Gamify DeFi with NFTs

Blue Horizon seeks to create an artist-centered ecosystem that allows creators and collectors to maximize the potential in their NFTs through yield farming, token swaps, gamification, and more.

Introducing Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon is a platform that focuses on blending the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with immersive DeFi concepts to create an ecosystem that takes the NFT market to a new dimension. Described by the team as an “aggregated playground for artists, collectors, and token holders”, Blue Horizon is first and foremost a marketplace where users can buy and sell works from a growing list of exclusive artists, hand picked by the platform.

Buying and selling is just one aspect of what Blue Horizon users can do with their NFTs. Innovative NFT farming allows holders to maximize the potential from their purchases, along with gamification on the horizon as well. The Blue Horizon platform will also feature numerous aspects of the DeFi ecosystem, with liquidity pools (LPs) and a decentralized NFT token exchange (DEX) adding to the user experience.

Blue Horizon is backed by the $BLH token, which holders can use to get discounts on marketplace fees as well as rewards from other aspects of platform usage. They can also stake their tokens to earn more. The Blue Horizon ecosystem is built on Binance Smart Chain, ensuring that transactions are some of the fastest and cheapest in the cryptocurrency space.

Main Features

Blue Horizon has a variety of fully decentralized features and services, all brought together in a way not yet seen in the cryptocurrency space. 

NFT Marketplace

The Blue Horizon NFT Marketplace offers exclusive NFTs created by a hand-picked team of talented artists. Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs through the Blue Horizon marketplace that they would not be able to find elsewhere.

NFT collections don’t just have to sit in wallets collecting digital dust however – once purchased, users can stake their NFTs for further rewards, while gamification opportunities are also in development.


The Blue Horizon DEX allows users to trade a variety of NFT-related tokens all with the speed and low cost associated with the Binance Smart Chain, underpinned by the BLH token. The DEX and NFT marketplace will be interconnected, allowing NFT collectors to purchase their favorite artwork with any of the tokens listed on the DEX.

Token Holder Rewards

The $BLH token will give holders access to a variety of rewards to incentivize holding. These include fee discounts, a share of platform fees, LP rewards, platform governance, and other bonuses.

Artist Spotlight

Artists and their work are at the core of Blue Horizon’s offering, and as a result the platform seeks out the very best digital artists in the space. The team has onboarded a Creative Art Director, NFTony, to work with artists and produce limited edition series’ which will be sold through the Blue Horizon marketplace. NFTony has a wealth of experience in the arts industry, having worked for Netflix, Ubisoft, Sony, and Disney.

Blue Horizon already has several artists signed to the platform and will promote their work through various spotlights, including exposure on the front page of its site, social media marketing campaigns, and

Gamification and NFT Farming

Blue Horizon offers yield farming opportunities for NFT tokens and its own $BLH token, which allows users to earn a passive income while holding tokens or artwork. The farming aspect of the platform will increase the value of the NFTs for both the artists and collectors, thereby increasing revenue for both. Blue Horizon plans to introduce a variety of games and other such features which will allow users to utilize their NFTs to play, giving them extra utility and offering a new approach to NFT ownership.

Unique Fee Structure

Blue Horizon does not take the slogan “for Artists and Collectors” lightly. The unique fee structure of the Blue Horizon platform results in part of the fees flowing back to the artists and collectors who sell or buy artwork on the platform, which are accrued from various aspects of the platform. By distributing part of the fees, Blue Horizon is are actively rewarding artists for their work and incentivizing collectors to collect and hold artwork. Regular token burns are also factored into the $BLH tokenomics, ensuring that the token is deflationary in nature.

Hard at Work

The Blue Horizon team is working hard on the platform as it approaches launch. Recent Medium posts announced testing of the DEX, completion of their yield farming contract, and new partnerships, while work on the gamification aspects also continues in earnest.

A preview of their NFT minting function

As with any legitimate blockchain product, a code audit is essential to confirm that it is up to scratch. The Blue Horizon team is currently speaking to auditors and has said it will announce when it has selected its preferred candidate.

Upcoming Public Sale

Blue Horizon has announced that TGE and the public sale for $BLH tokens will be held in November. Details will be revealed closer to the time, and the team is encouraging anyone interested in participating in the sale to keep an eye on the project’s Twitter feed for further announcements.

Concluding Thoughts

Blue Horizon is an exciting new enterprise that has the potential to raise the bar in the NFT space. The combination of NFT and DeFi tools is a first in the crypto space, representing the kind of innovation that will help push NFT adoption to new heights.

Blue Horizon’s primary focus is on building an ecosystem centered around benefitting both artists and users. Through their platform, digital artists have a real opportunity to gain notoriety for their work, gain a dedicated following, and make a decent living from their talents. Blue Horizon platform users gain access to exclusive NFT content, get financial rewards for holding the $BLH token, and will get to experience NFTs in much more immersive ways as the platform expands.

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