Blockmine Releases 111 NFCs and NFT Music Video

Liquidity mining provider started the release of its 111 cowboy-themed NFTs this week.

The NFT Music Video

Starting with an exciting Non-Fungible Token (NFT) music video auction last weekend, liquidity mining provider Blockmine launched its anticipated NFT series. The music video to kick off the NFT season has already excited users and was bought at the very last second in an exciting auction duel. The track, “Blockmine Riderz”, can already be listened to on Soundcloud with Spotify soon to follow. There is whispering that higher profits are possible in the mine when listening to the song – you’ll have to try it yourself to confirm these rumors.

What Are NFCs?

In the Mine, NFCs (Non-Fungible Cowboys) are a widely used term that refer to special rare NFTs. Each NFC is hand-designed with time and dedication put into all of the art to ensure their quality and artistic appeal.

The auction winner was also able to select one of the 111 NFCs. They ended up selecting one of the most rare NFCs available in Pepe!


NFC Season

On August 9th, Blockmine finally launched the NFC Season. A special poster with all the NFCs of the first drop was released.

The NFTs are divided into five different tiers, depending on the uniqueness of attributes. It is rumored deep in the mine the NFCs could also have a use for future games. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet.

Where and When to Buy the NFCs?

The 111 NFCs will all be released on and can be purchased with BNB. Since the rare pieces saw high demand, the second NFC drop is already scheduled for Sunday. After this drop, all 111 NFCs will be released and there will be no more – ever. Speed is therefore of the essence!

What is 

Blockmine is a Wild West-themed project that will offer sustainable mining (APR +450%), special token evolution (NUGGETS, GOLDCOINS, GOLDBARS, BITBARS), and various games (Coinflip) for utility.

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