BlockDAG Launches New Dashboard, Raises $26.9M in Presale, Surpasses BNB Chain and XRP in Value

BlockDAG Launches New Dashboard, Raises $26.9M in Presale, Surpasses BNB Chain and XRP in Value

BNB Chain Introduces New Airdrop Alliance Phase

BNB Chain has launched the second chapter of its Airdrop Alliance, offering unique rewards and quests. This new phase presents fresh opportunities from BNB Chain’s prominent partners. As part of “BNB Chain Fusion,” the network aims to migrate the functionalities of the BNB Beacon Chain to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), enhancing efficiency and security.

To join the airdrop, users need to stake at least 1 BNB on BSC or use the Stake Migration tool to transfer BNB tokens from the Beacon Chain to BSC. This initiative aligns with BNB Chain’s vision for a streamlined architecture and future growth.

Ripple CFO Supports Motion to Seal Amid XRP Activity

Ripple’s CFO, Jonathan Bilich, has submitted a declaration supporting Ripple’s motion to seal documents related to the SEC’s Motion for Judgment and Remedies. This action follows the transfer of 280 million XRP tokens through Ripple and a centralized exchange, highlighted by lawyer James K. Filan.

Blockchain tracker Whale Alert reported that nearly 280 million XRP were moved between unknown addresses and Bitstamp. Notably, XRP whale Rzn transferred 29.97 million XRP to Bitstamp. Despite ongoing legal issues, XRP’s price has shown an upward trend, with increased open interest and trading activity.

BlockDAG Presale Surges to $26.9M: A Top Investment Opportunity

BlockDAG’s presale is making headlines in 2024, quickly surpassing the $26.9 million mark. To stay competitive and maintain investor confidence, BlockDAG has revamped its dashboard, enhancing features and accessibility. Users are greeted with the latest announcements upon logging in, and a notification tab ensures they remain informed. This streamlined experience positions BlockDAG as a top cryptocurrency for payments and investments.

Investors can now monitor their purchases, balances, and miners through a dedicated wallet on the dashboard. Additionally, BlockDAG has introduced a leaderboard preview, showcasing the top 30 investors with the highest purchases. This ranking system encourages investors to strive for the top, with a minimum purchase of $50,000 needed to achieve “crypto whale” status.

  • Enhanced user experience with the latest announcements and a notification tab
  • Dedicated wallet for monitoring purchases, balances, and miners
  • Leaderboard preview for the top 30 investors
  • Last transaction preview for transparency
  • User-friendly referral program preview

The revamped dashboard also features a last transaction preview, displaying the status, stage, time, and amount spent on purchases. This ensures transparency and allows users to track their spending. BlockDAG’s referral program has become more user-friendly, with a preview of referral earnings and purchases, further enhancing investor trust and engagement.

BlockDAG is excelling not only in presales but also in the mining industry with advanced mining rigs like the X10. The X10 is a compact and efficient cryptocurrency mining device capable of mining up to 200 BDAG daily with its 100 MH/s hash rate. If you haven’t invested in BlockDAG yet, now is the time, with the current price of $0.0075 expected to rise in upcoming batches.


As BNB Chain launches its new Airdrop Alliance phase and XRP’s price trends upward amid legal challenges, BlockDAG distinguishes itself with a $26.9 million presale and an updated dashboard.

BlockDAG stands out as the best cryptocurrency for payments, offering advanced features and a user-friendly experience. With its current price at $0.0075, BlockDAG presents a compelling investment opportunity in the competitive crypto presale market.

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