Blizzard Money Project Insight: A Fair Launch Yield Farming Platform Takes the BSC by Storm

The BSC network has grown considerably in the past few months. The rise of yield farming platforms like Blizzard have been at the forefront of this growth


Yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, is a process of generating rewards with cryptocurrencies. In other words, it is a way of generating cryptocurrencies through locking your digital assets in smart contracts. In many ways, it can be related to staking. Presently, there are a lot of projects that offer this unique incentive of making a considerable profit. These yield farming and staking platforms have grown in the DeFi space such that a lot of users have ditched the usual buying and holding of tokens. Here, we will give a rundown of another new yield farming project on BSC known as Blizzard.Money.

What is Blizzard.Money?

Blizzard.Money is a fair launch staking and yield farming platform on Binance Smart Chain that borrows aspects from Goose Finance and PancakeSwap. The platform utilizes PancakeSwap liquidity and double as a decentralized exchange (Dex).

The platform has a reliable team of professionals called Yeti. The Yeti team believes in the process of yield farming and has the added advantage of working several years in the crypto market. This is more reason why the project is a fantastic one with huge promises for the future. Its native token is known as Blizzard — BLZD.

You can earn BLZD through providing liquidity or staking on the website. This means that you can stake BLZD in the pool and earn any other token. Presently, just two pools are open — BIFI and BNB pools. Therefore, users have the opportunity to use their fair share of BLZD tokens to earn BNB and BIFI by staking. The platform plans to make other pools available, including the most prominent tokens like ETH and BTC, in the future.

Liquidity Incentives

It is unwise to assume that every reader understands the term “staking pool.” For many newbies looking to gain from Blizzard.Money, here is what you need to know about staking pool. Blizzard.Money offers “Blizzard” pools and shareholders or stakeholders who decide to partake in the staking process will have to lock their coins in a specific wallet. This is a win for Blizzard.Money as it allows them to create a system which locks their BLZD token, helping sustain price and create demand. As for users, they can earn additional rewards on top of holding their tokens.

Users can also provide PancakeSwap LP tokens into the platform to receive BLZD rewards. To do so users must enter the “Farms” where there are seven different pools that offer APYs from 500%-4000%. The pools that reward the most are ones that contain BLZD tokens, such a BLZD-BUSD and BLZD-BNB. This incetive system is similar to staking as it creates ample liquidity for the BLZD token on PancakSwap.

The platform offers six wallets for users to lock their coins. You can do this using TrustWallet, Metamask, MathWallet, TokenPocket, WalletConnect, and Binance Chain Wallet. With over 121,000 in supply, Blizzard.Money is the best Dapp on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The Blizzard pool will open at the block This pool had rewards for users — 500 BNB and 20 BIFI. The rewards will be issued out over seven days equally to every block. To earn these rewards, all you need to do is stake your BLZD in the pool and wait while the tokens roll in.

Key Features

Smaller pool options, so APR stays higher.

Well-connected team in the BSC ecosystem.

50% of deposit fees used for buy/burn.

50% of deposit fees used for unique Blizzard staking pools, earn BNB, BTCB, ETH, and more.

Advantages of Blizzard.Money

The platform offers a lot of advantages for its users. Here is a summary of what you stand to gain upon usage.

Security and Fast Transactions

One thing that makes a platform trusted by many users is security, and Blizzard has this. The team of Yetis has worked hard for the platform’s smooth working processes. Also, being on the BSC network means that transactions will go as fast as you could ever imagine.  

Active Stake and Earn Pools

Currently, Blizzard offers its users two unique staking pools. As you can stake anytime, you can also unstake. The two pools available are the Caves and Blizzard. The Caves allow users to stake tokens and earn BLZD. Users can currently stake BLZD, ALLOy and BIFI to receive additional BLZD rewards. The platform also offers Blizzard pools which allow users to stake BLZD in return for other BSC tokens. Currently users can earn BNB and BIFI through staking BLZD.


Emission Rate: Reward per block — 1.088

Daily Emissions: 31.33k Blizzard

Distribution: Farmers get 1.0 Blizzard rewards per block, team Yeti gets 0.088 reward per block.

Farming Pools

Max 4% Deposit Fee

Pancakeswap LP Tokens




Caves: No Deposit Fee

BLZD 10x | ALLOY 1x | BIFI 1x

Contract Address: 0x57067A6BD75c0E95a6A5f158455926e43E79BeB0

MasterChef: 0x2078F4A75c92A6918D13e3e2F14183443ebf55D3

Timelock: 0x82FdD95b4049C94f209ba68D5cb157Cb3F2174da

Buy/Burn Wallet: 0x4b3aF8f787efa5B5B319bDC244da8368E2d3D454

BLZD Stake Wallet: 0x27D6cd0640C8fEE5eAa781604fb259dD430ADe00

Team Wallet: 0x1CFdE82890e907B4C08926d441B3D79dfC39A107

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