Blind Boxes Launches Liquidity Mining Event with 1inch Network

Premier gamified NFT curation platform, Blind Boxes, has sealed a cooperation with DEX aggregator, 1Inch. The deal will see the creation of a liquidity mining pool on 1Inch for Blind Boxes’ native token.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are arguably the most talked about topic in the decentralised finance (De-Fi) landscape. Each NFT has a unique blockchain identity. This unique identity confers it with its most significant utility: it is the digital equivalent of patents and copyrights. NFTs have gotten the attention of the creative industry. Artists, musicians etc., are now turning their works into NFTs. 

Blind Boxes, the world’s first gamified curator of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), provides a marketplace for NFT content creators to meet collectors. Recently, Blind Boxes announced a new partnership between it and the DeFi ecosystem, 1Inch Network.

What Does The Partnership Entail?

The new partnership provides a new liquidity mining pool on 1Inch. The asset-pair is ETH-BLES. Holders of Blind Boxes’ native token (BLES) can now provide liquidity to 1Inch and be rewarded with new BLES tokens. The cooperation is a win-win for both platforms: 1Inch’s liquidity profile will grow, while Blind Boxes now has a new use-case for its token.

As part of its obligation towards the partnership, Blind Boxes provided $200,000 worth of BLES tokens that will be distributed to users who add liquidity to the ETH-BLES pair on 1Inch. 

Top Executives Look Forward To A Rewarding Partnership

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CEO of Blind Boxes, Anita Angelica Moore, expressed her pleasure at the remarkable response of the NFT community to the project since its launch. In her words, she said, 

“More people are increasingly accessing our platform, purchasing NFTs, and mining BLES”. 

The CEO affirmed that the team always endeavours to expand the use of the BLES token, adding that the 1Inch partnership is a strategic move in that direction.

On his part, co-founder of 1Inch Network, Sergej Kunz, had this to say:

NFT is one of the hottest topics in the DeFi space nowadays, and 1inch Network wants to be in the loop while cooperating with top players on the market. That’s why we decided to cooperate with Blind Boxes and give 1inch users another lucrative farming opportunity with $BLES tokens.

More About Blind Boxes

Source: Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified NFT curation platform. It is a meeting point for creators of NFT works and collectors of limited edition NFTs. When players open the Blind Boxes, they earn BLES token rewards. Having BLES tokens gives one the ability to create one’s Blind Boxes.

The Blind Boxes platform is a boost for content creators. The platform helps to extend the exposure of creators’ works and brings them in direct contact with buyers. 

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About 1Inch Network

1Inch Network initially started as a DEX aggregation protocol. It uses an algorithm to check multiple liquidity sources to offer users the best rates for their crypto swaps. The 1Inch DEX was a considerable success: in roughly two years, it grossed more than $30 billion in total volume.

The extensive success of the 1Inch DEX Aggregator led to the project diversifying into other segments of the crypto market. Presently, 1Inch is an ecosystem of five DeFi protocols: Aggregation Protocol, Liquidity Protocol, 1Inch DAO, 1Inch Foundation, and 1Inch Labs.

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