BitMart Lists Fortress Lending (FTS)

BitMart will be listing Fortress Lending (FTS) on April 26. Only the FTS/USDT trading pair will be available and there are specific dates for the availability of various trading features.

Fortress Lending (FTS) Now On Bitmart

BitMart exchange recently revealed on their official Twitter account that it will be listing Fortress Lending, a Jetfuel Finance lending protocol, on April 26. Only the FTS/USDT trading pair will be available for the time being. Fortress allows investors to lend, borrow and earn cryptocurrencies by providing an over-collateralized amount of cryptocurrency to the platform as a pledge. These investors can also lend assets and earn a compounded annual percentage yield (APY). Fortress makes this possible by using money markets. Thus, investors won’t need to make any negotiations before lending assets, borrowing assets, earning or paying interest on Fortress.



While it is only the FTS/USDT trading pair that will be available for trades, there is an update on when various trading features will be available:

25/04/2021. Deposit feature

26/04/2021. Trade feature

27/04/2021. Withdrawal feature

BitMart will be providing more updates via their official social media accounts. Interested traders should follow them on their pages.




About BitMart

BitMart Exchange is a digital assets trading platform with more than 2 million users worldwide. It is one of the leading crypto exchanges as ranked by coinmarketcap. Its trading fees are among the lowest in the market and have over 400 trading pairs available. There are several platforms listed on the exchange and more are being added regularly. Apart from Fortress Lending, some of the other ones that are on schedule to be added are Earnx(EARNX), Moonshot, GamyFi, and Safestar (SAFESTAR). The first two will be listed on the same day as Fortress Lending (April 26 2021), while the latter two will also be listed on the same day April 27 2021)

About Fortress Lending

Fortress is a BSC-built algorithmic money market and synthetic stable coin protocol that offers secure and trustless credit and lending to investors. Fortress’s synthetic stablecoin, the FAI, makes this protocol unique. Investors can mint FAI tokens of up to 50% of the collateral amount they’ve supplied to the protocol. The investors can add their FAI back to the platform as liquidity to earn more profits or stake them for more FTS tokens. Fortress can do this through leveraging smart contracts built on the BSC which offers lots of enhancements to decentralized finance apps like the ability to wrap several tokens (such as BTC, ETH, and others), deep liquidity, and near-immediate transactions which are very cheap.

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