BitDrive: A Social Crypto Community For Everyone

BitDrive is a social crypto community which aims to bring fun and simple investment opportunities with a five-tier referral system.

What is BitDrive?

In a world where true decentralization is an urgent need and blockchain technology and crypto trading looks complex for many people, BitDrive tries to stand out. 

BitDrive, which runs on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), is a new social crypto community that offers fun and simple investing for everyone. The project aims to help its users explore the growing MetaFI universe leading to enhanced freedom and joy of crypto without the involvement of any centralized authority. BitDrive also developed a unique five-tier referral system that lets users earn passive income as they help support the growth of the community. 

As only 5% of the world population has exposure to cryptocurrencies, BitDrive strongly believes that education is a necessary force to drive more people towards new technologies. It aims to provide its community the front-row access to available resources to help them make informed decisions while investing in digital assets.

“We aim to empower the next billion to join the financial revolution by democratizing access to crypto through innovative social experiences,” says the GitBook of the project.

BitDrive DEX

BitDrive offers a decentralized exchange (DEX) with several amazing features so that users can buy, sell, and trade tokens instantly. It uses an automated market maker (AMM), which lets the BNB community to exchange two tokens on the BNB Smart Chain, which unlike Ethereum, offers both faster and lower in cost transactions. The traders’ community can swap between two tokens at a fair market price thanks to its algorithmic strategy.

Token swapping is made simple using BitDrive’s two options. One is the below-mentioned quick swap:

Source: Medium

The other is the exchange, which is depicted below:

BitDrive, unlike many DEXs, has an integrated chart tool to assist you in making the best investment decisions.

Source: Medium

MetaFi Universe Opportunity

This is a notion that unifies various kinds of projects, like metaverse, GameFi, SocialFi, Web3, and NFTs, by providing advanced and complex DeFi infrastructure.

It is a future all-encompassing ecosystem that promises to bring about a paradigm change by allowing seamless interoperability across various projects and blockchains.

Unique Referral Mechanism (5 Tiers) Passive Income Opportunity 

The decentralized finance (DeFi) project offers a one-of-a-kind five-tier referral system. If a user comes to the platform from the referral of the other, BitDrive would share 20% of trading fee profits from former to latter in direct and indirect referrals.

Here are 5 tiers:

8% from level 1 referrals

6% from level 2 referrals

3% from level 3 referrals

2% from level 4 referrals

1% from level 5 referrals


BitDrive comes with an ambitious system and an awesome plan. These plans mainly include games, NFT marketplace, and reward systems. Here is the Kanban-style chart including the current live features along with its longer-term ideas.

Source: Whitepaper

What is Unique in BitDrive?

BitDrive includes the following features which set it apart from the flood of DeFi projects:

Team: The founding team of BitDrive has talented members from all over the world with diverse experience across FX, IT, cybersecurity, and law. The primary goal of the team is to revolutionize the global blockchain industry.

Sharing community: The unique five-tier referral system creates a sharing social crypto community that lets everyone have fun and earn passive income. Not only this, the project takes care of its early and most supportive members in the community and plans aggressive rewards, like prize giveaways, for them. The project highly encourages suggestions and feedback for improvements.


BitDrive aims to help investors explore the growing MetaFI universe to experience the freedom and joy of crypto without boundaries. You can learn more about the project via their social handles.




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