Bitcoin Season: U.S. SEC Might Approve a BTC ETF

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission might give a green signal to a Bitcoin (BTC) Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). If the said Bitcoin ETFs are based upon BTC futures contracts instead of Spot Bitcoin, the SEC might approve a BTC ETF.

In the same context, Bloomberg ETF Senior Analyst Eric Balchunas recently tweeted the following:

Yes, the SEC has kicked can on bitcoin ETF approval BUT that is for the physically-backed ones under ’33 Act. The futures ETFs filed under the ’40 Act (which Genz loves) are very much alive and likely on schedule (we think 75% chance approved in Oct). Here’s our odds: 

Image Source (@EricBalchunas – October 2, 2021)

Titan Research is celebrating the “Bitcoin season.” Titan is enthusiastically supporting Bitcoin in their clients’ market fund positions. Titan’s research literature suggests incoming of the following trends in Bitcoin:

Top 50 altcoins’ percentage performance above Bitcoin in the preceding 90 days season (a cyclical pattern: Bitcoin vs. Altcoins).

Source: Blockchain Center

It’s believed approval of US-based Bitcoin futures ETFs could soon be a reality.

Per their Altcoin Season Index, the Altcoin season is over and it’s Bitcoin’s time to rise (short-term).

Institutional buying into Bitcoin has been rising again over the recent weeks due to “growing confidence.”

Titan Research states Bitcoin’s trading volume has been low at US$2.4 billion in October (2021) first week, against US$8.4 billion in May 2021.

As per, “viable bitcoin ETF applications relying on BTC futures include those by ProShares, Invesco Ltd. IVZ, VanEck, Valkyrie Digital Assets and Galaxy Digital.”

Although, CNBC (ETF EDGE) reports CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth saying:

we think it’s likely — that we’re going to see a delay of a bitcoin futures ETF until 2022, until the regulatory environment is more clear

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