Bitcoin Reaches New All-Time High Hash Rate

The hash rate on the flagship cryptocurrency network has surpassed 180 EH/s for the first time today.

BTC Miners to Earn Higher Revenue

The hash rate of mining a new BTC token in the Bitcoin network hit a new all-time high of 181.77 Terahashes per second on Dec.10. 

Since the hash rate achieved on a particular blockchain refers to the speed of mining a new token on that network, the hash rate on the BTC network entails that miners on the BTC network are able to mine new BTC tokens more efficiently and at a higher speed. This is the first time that the hash rate on the network has surpassed the 180 EH/s mark.

“Even after that adjustment, mining is still so profitable that everyone and their grandma will want to plug in their machines as fast as possible,” Mellerud said. “It definitely looks like the hash rate will hit an all-time high before the new year unless we get another brutal bitcoin sell-off shortly after the next difficulty adjustment,” stated Jaran Meelerud from Arcane Research about the impact of mining difficult on the hash rate on Dec. 9

Source: Bitcoin Hash Rate (All-Time Chart)

As previously reported by BSC.News the hash rate on the Ethereum network also hit an all-time high of over 900k on Dec.9. This development comes exactly one month after ETH hit its all-time high of $4,811 on Nov.9. as per data from CoinMarketCap. 

The two tokens, BTC and ETH, often serve as dominating market forces in the crypto-verse. Out of the $2.23 trillion market cap of all cryptocurrencies tracked by CoinMarketCap, BTC and ETH have a combined market cap of $1.38 trillion, which is 62% of the total market, a clear indicator of the dominance of these tokens amongst the thousands of tokens that have flooded the market. 

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