Bitcoin Project Supported by Binance Hits $800 Million Milestone: A Major BTC Victory!

Binance’s Investment in Solv Protocol

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has made a significant investment in Solv Protocol, a liquidity hub in the Bitcoin ecosystem. This investment is proving to be fruitful, as SolvBTC, the protocol’s token, has exceeded a total locked value (TVL) of $800 million across various networks.

SolvBTC’s Performance and Future Prospects

SolvBTC has attracted over 12,000 BTC on networks such as Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Merlin Chain. This impressive performance has garnered significant attention within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Additionally, Solv Protocol announced a partnership with Babylon Chain, which will enable SolvBTC to connect to more Bitcoin revenue sources like Babylon’s restaking income.

Support for Other Networks

SolvBTC also supports bridging to networks like ZkSync and Linea, which have recently seen substantial investments and have become popular among airdrop hunters. This expanding support provides SolvBTC with a broader reach and opens doors to further growth.


Binance’s investment in Solv Protocol is proving to be a smart move, with SolvBTC surpassing $800 million in total locked value and attracting over 12,000 BTC across various networks. With the recent partnership with Babylon Chain and support for additional networks, SolvBTC appears well-positioned for continued success in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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