Bitcoin Anonymous Migration to Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

A Brief Introduction
With some options for privacy with cryptocurrencies, a group of anonymous developers felt there was still a need for more anonymity in the crypto world. Hence 4 months ago Bitcoin Anonymous (BTCA) was born!

Efforts were first put in to doing a code-fork of the currency PIVX blockchain and customizing the wallet for a pleasing experience and great anonymity features. The developers progressed to offer node hosting of BTCA on Raspberry Pi devices. Though adoption was going well and we had over 1000+ live nodes on our network at any given point, there was still interest peaked by a few developers exploring the BSC Chain.

The Choice To Move to BSC Chain
With the peak of development in the crypto world, Binance Smart Chain is already proving to be a force that will spearhead innovation and activity. Launched for not even a year BSC is proving to be standard with cryptocurrencies and its market cap is 3rd just under Ethereum.

One of the biggest incentives to the developers to choose to move from our main chain (based on pivx code) to the BSC chain was the fact that all developer efforts can go into marketing and development of applications, dapps, and smart contracts enhancing privacy.

Developers have been already been able to create a chrome extension wallet released in the Chrome Web Store. And beta desktop wallets already in an alpha phase that will soon be released.

A New Partnership Is Born
Bitcoin. Anonymous has also been able to partner with Typhoon Network on the Binance Smart Chain. Typhoon has spearheaded privacy transactions for $BNB currency and has offered to share and help power part of our anonymity process for $BTCA.

We are excited about this partnership and believe both our projects will help bring more privacy use and awareness as mass adoption of the Binance Smart Chain occurs.

The Move to the New BTCA Chain
We wanted to make the move to the new chain as seamless as possible and ensure investors and those already who have trusted us will feel positive about the change. We have already halted trading on FreiExchange at the request of the developers and have frozen deposits. Withdrawals should be enabled later today or the next day (Sun April 4th, 2021).

We are also notifying all master node hosts today of the official migration to the BSC Chain and for all services to be stopped now or by May 1st, 2021.

How to Swap Your Old Chain BTCA to the new BTCA Chain
Essentially as of writing this migration document we are actively allowing the movement of BTCA from the old chain to the new chain. We will not honour any movement of BTCA after May 1st, 2021 UTC time. The Old BTCA chain will essentially be dead at that point and we will stop the explorer and other seed servers for the OLD wallets.

The recommendation of the developers is not to leave your BTCA till the last minute on the old Chain but move it in the next week. Some master node services might offer refunds for commitments made.

The swap is on a 1:1 ratio between the old and new chain. And the same supply is enforced with the same vision of Bitcoin Anonymous which can be verified on our new website:

To swap you will simply need to private chat on either discord or telegram. Once contact has been established you will be asked to send your BTCA old chain to a specific address. Once verified you will be asked to provide a Binance Smart Chain address that supports $BTCA. Then your new chain $BTCA will be sent immediately to you. (We cannot remedy if a wrong address that does not support BEP- 20 tokens is given). We recommend our supported Chrome extension wallet to create a $BTCA address.

Telegram chat:
DM Contact on telegram: @cryptofrank3

Discord chat:
DM Contact on discord: bitcoinanonymous235325235#0638

Thanks for your patience as holders will be dealt with in queue on a case by case basis. The old $BTCA chain has limited holders so the developers felt this was the best way to approach the swap manually.

Thank you for trusting us through this journey.

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