Bitcoin 2021 Conference In Miami Approaches, How To Keep Your Crypto Safe

As the crypto-community looks forward to this year’s Bitcoin conference, here are tips that will help us guard our beloved crypto.


Suspense is building up as the world heads to Miami for what is expected to be history’s largest gathering of Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts. The Bitcoin 2021 Conference is scheduled to run from June 3rd to 5th at Mana Convention Centre in Miami. It is expected to have as many as 50,000 attendees. Anticipation is high because of very notable executives and personalities attending this year’s conference. The CEO of Twitter and Square, Jack Dorsey, American Senator Cynthia Lummis, and the Mayor of Miami Francis Suarez are attending. Miami’s Mayor had earlier approved that employees who preferred to receive their salaries in Bitcoin could do so. His positive disposition towards Bitcoin may have played a part in Miami being chosen as the venue by the conference organizers.

We all excitedly look forward to positives from the conference, but it is pertinent to remind us about portfolio safety at all times, especially while traveling. Crypto criminals may want to spring a surprise now that Bitcoin/crypto is on everyone’s lips. So, if you are traveling for the conference or while you are on any journey, here are some essential steps you can take to keep your crypto – and yourself as well, safe and secure.

Safety Measures For Your Crypto

  • Do not give yourself away as a crypto finatic

Why draw unnecessary attention to yourself by wearing shirts, jumpers, or face caps with Crypto-related inscriptions? You will end up signaling yourself to criminals as a potential target.

  • Turn off your electronic devices till you are safely in transit.

This may be a bit hard to do, especially if you need to use your devices before you board your plane. Remember, though, that a thief can snatch your device from you. If your device is encrypted, turning it off will make it harder to access than if it is snatched while turned on/unlocked.

Always make use of a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) whenever accessing the Internet through Public/Hotel WiFi.

 If you must make use of a car rental service, verify the driver’s identity to be sure you are getting into the right vehicle.

We can not rule out the possibility that a criminal may want to impersonate as a legitimate driver at high-profile events.

  •  Put the latest software updates on your electronic devices. 

This would ensure that you have up-to-date protection from known software vulnerabilities and loopholes.

  • Please do not leave your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi turned on when you are not using them. 

Keep it in mind that whenever they are on, an attacker could connect and try to infiltrate your device.

  • Don’t leave hardware wallets in vulnerable locations.

Never leave your hardware wallets in the hotel room, even if there’s a safe in there. Cleaning staff could have access to the safe’s code unknown to you. Have your hardware wallets safely tucked into your outfit at all times.

  • Be wary of revealing your location on Social Media

If you have a high crypto net worth, you could be targeted by those who know your worth. When out for an event, do not carelessly make social media posts that will give away your exact location. Wait till perhaps you have left that place before posting about that location.

Final Words

Crypto is attracting a lot of attention, and more people with criminal tendencies are becoming interested. As the world looks forward with excitement to the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, everyone needs to take necessary precautions to keep their crypto safe. By the very nature of crypto, any loss is tough to trace or recover. We have highlighted in this writeup some tips that will help everyone, including travelers, secure their crypto. 

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