Bit Hotel Christmas Update

The latest updates from Bit Hotel add improved social functionality and give users plenty of chances to buy and build moving forward.

Bit Hotel, the Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse, has announced several updates in line with the holiday season.

The project has released Christmas updates that should increase the fun and replayability of the game and allow users more ability to customize their experience.

From new leaderboards to new ways for users to access rooms and increased trading functionality for many items, the game experience is getting a major update.

In this article, we will go through the different updates that have come with the latest batch from Bit Hotel.

First, the Bit Hotel has made a convenient beginner’s guide to remind users how to link their DeFi wallet and get started. Once you have your wallet hooked up, head out into the metaverse to interact with the new and improved Bit Hotel world!

Christmas Leaderboard Updates

  • New Leaderboard Season: ends Dec 31, 2022
  • Ticket rewards to the top four tiers on the Leaderboard
  • $BTH rewards to the Top 20 players – Up to 20.000 BTH to top players

New Bit Hotel Hotel Rooms

The Bit Hotel team also released new hotel rooms with various preference options to give users customization options to feel right at home in the hotel. Rooms and floors are available for purchase on the Rooms Dashboard and are available at all price entry points.

Users can shoot big for palace-like rooms or begin more humbly with the smaller starter rooms.

Bit Hotel Room features:

  • Land owned by the players in the hotel
  • Customization options: design, rarity, tile, and guest amount
  • 13 different current room designs
  • Editable rooms for continual updates
  • Can assign different roles to guests
  • All price points available
  • Higher rarity rooms are scarcer, larger, and have more capacity
  • Accessible through the Hotel Lobby Elevator and the Directory

Users can share the experience with guests and change the vibes in the room together. The rooms are looking to be a new social gathering place where friends can come together to make a chill-out pad that is inviting to new users. They can host events and mini-games, rent out rooms and create clans.

The Bit Hotel gave a detailed update on how the hotel rooms work here.

Trading with Other Players

One of the big updates from Bit Hotel is the ability to trade with other players. Similar to the style of old-favorite RuneScape, users must find a player in the metaverse to trade either through the chat function or by approaching them within the metaverse and striking up a conversation.

Steps to Trading with Another Player

  • Find another friend or player.
  • Trade based on observation or use in-game chat to find items from specific players.
  • Hit the “Trade Request” button.
  • Accept or Deny in the Popup Menu.

Users can trade with peace of mind knowing that all traded items are routed through Bit Hotel to guarantee each player has completed the transaction correctly.

Trading Popup Page

The Bit Hotel Shop

The Bit Hotel Shop is a metaverse market for rare items in the Bit Hotel game that have fixed supply. Users should be wary that items with fixed supplies will sell out fast!

The Bit Hotel Shop Characteristics:

  • Accessible from the lobby
  • Exchange in-game tickets currency for items
  • Items vary in price
  • All items have a fixed supply
  • Marketplace for rare items

The Bit Hotel Marketplace

The Bit Hotel Marketplace is your one-stop shop for trading in Bit Hotel. Users can buy, sell, and trade various items against the environment or against other players.

The Bit Hotel Marketplace Characteristics:

  • Official Bit Hotel NFT Item Marketplace
  • Buy items that are out of stock on the store or the website
  • Buy Items from other players
  • Must have Bit Hotel currency ($BTH) to trade

With the new updates, the Bit Hotel team hopes to improve the overall gaming experience by increasing the fluidity of game items and features. Users can buy and sell in-game items at the store and marketplace with more options or trade with other players!

For any questions, feel free to reach out and contact the team’s moderators in the respective channels.

What is Bit Hotel:

Bit Hotel is a Social-first Play 2 Earn NFT Gaming Metaverse! Hotel Guests aim to compete, collect NFTs, make new friends, and increase both the social and monetary value of their assets! Bit Hotel NFTs have inherent utility in the Bit Hotel metaverse, they consist of Rooms, Characters, Furniture, and other artifacts, with each their own perks. The NFTs have varying rarities and can be traded on the open market as well as in-game.

Where to find Bit Hotel:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Medium | Blog

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