BiSwap Puts V2 NFT Staking Up for Community Vote

BiSwap users now have the right to vote on future releases on the platform.

Giving Power to the NFT Community 

The BiSwap team has decided to give the community a chance to vote on the new features added to the upcoming V2.0 Non-fungible Token (NFT) Staking. The Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platform would now hold a community vote for the latest release. 

Users of the platform gave their opinions via Telegram about the features of the V2.0 NFT staking. Following their feedback, BiSwap understood the importance of the community’s power to vote on new features. Hence, BiSwap announced on Twitter and Telegram that community voting would be implemented. 

“Dear BiSwappers, BiSwap heard your important feedback. The Community Voting will be held regarding V2.0 NFT Staking release. All future releases on BiSwap will go through Community Votings,” BiSwap tweeted on February 4th. 


Many users were not pleased with some of the changes BiSwap implemented in the V2.0 NFT Staking, particularly with Robi Boosts reduction. Moving forward, BiSwap would publish more details about the Community Voting, and changes would be made after announcing the Voting results. In addition, users would now decide on other new essential releases in the future. 

“All the further decisions regarding new important releases, including implementation of V2.0 NFT Staking, will be made via Community Voting, where you, our strong community, will share your voice regarding new releases on BiSwap,” BiSwap Announcement Channel wrote on Telegram

BiSwap Adds Coinbase Wallet Support 

In other news, BiSwap has added support for Coinbase wallet on its platform. Coinbase Wallet becomes the ninth wallet integrated into the BiSwap DEX platform. Now, users can connect to BiSwap DEXSquid NFT World GameFi, and the marketplace using their Coinbase wallets. 

BiSwap, on February 4th, took to Twitter to announce the latest addition to its ecosystem. In addition, the DEX also published a short guide on utilizing the Coinbase Wallet. 

What is BiSwap? 

BiSwap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). It is a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. BiSwap has a popular utility token, BSW, with a huge user base that supports the BiSwap ecosystem. Apart from being able to trade BSW token, you can also make use of a wide variety of additional benefits that come along with it. BiSwap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. 

Where to find BiSwap:

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