BiSwap Launch Squid NFT YouTube Competition worth $10,000

The initiative will be an original way to create some impressive content relating to BiSwap’s project.

BiSwap Video Prize

BiSwap has made sure to get into the spirit of giving at the tail-end of this holiday period with their latest YouTube competition worth $10,000. 

First announced on Twitter on December 29, the competition welcomes entries of ‘unique’ YouTube videos covering specified BiSwap related topics. Running from December 29 to January 18, participants have plenty of time to draw up relevant ideas.

“$10 000 Squid NFT World YouTube Contest! Record a unique video about @Biswap_Dex GameFi and win rewards in BSW!” the initial tweet read.


How the Contest Works

The $10,000 in BSW reward will be divided up and given to the top 30 participants:

⭐️1st  – $1 000

⭐️2nd – $800

⭐️3rd – $500

⭐️4th – 10th – $350 each

⭐️11th – 20th – $300 each

⭐️21st – 30th – $225 each

“30 winners will be chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of the recorded video,” the competition document explains.

The video topics to choose from have already been stipulated by the team:

How to play Squid NFT World

Biswap Squid NFTs

Explain BSW Utility in Squid NFT World

Biswap Squid NFT 7 Games 

The following lists the conditions for willing participants:

Subscribe to Biswap YouTube Channel:

Follow Biswap on Twitter & RT the tweet

Make a unique video about Biswap Squid NFT World in English or with English subtitles

Include the #biswap_gamefi hashtag in the video title

Indicate your referral link & BEP-20 wallet in the description

Upload your video on YouTube and reach at least 300 views

Fill out this form

The winners will be chosen ‘based on the vision of the BiSwap team’ and will be announced by February 5. We wish you all the very best in the competition!

What is Biswap?

Biswap is the first decentralized exchange platform on the market with a three-type referral system and the lowest platform transaction fees (0.1%). It is a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. Biswap has a popular utility token, BSW, with a huge user base that supports the Biswap ecosystem. Apart from being able to trade BSW token, you can also make use of a wide variety of additional benefits that come along with it. Biswap aims to become a benchmark for DEX platforms. 

Source: BSC News

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