BiSwap Hits Multiple New Metric Records

BiSwap’s listing on Binance gave it a fresh momentum, and the new records may not stay long before being broken.

BiSwap Reaches New Heights

After an impressive performance in February, the top-tier decentralized exchange, BiSwap, has continued to reach new milestones. Recent statistics released by the platform show that it has broken some of its all-time-high records and is one of the top-performing BNB Chain protocols.

BiSwap showcased its latest achievements in a Twitter post on April 4. According to the post, the protocol is among the top-4 decentralized exchanges as ranked by CoinMarketCap. BiSwap now boasts a new $2 billion all-time-high record for daily trade volume. Also, active users of the platform have grown to 422,000 – an increase of more than 23,000 users compared to the former record. 

“Great Biswap Records!


$2B+ Volume @CoinMarketCap in 24h

$900M+ Volume on @Binance in 24h

17M+ BSW Transfers on @BNBCHAIN

@Biswap_Dex power:


422K+ Total Active Users

$485M+ DEX Volume in 24h,” BiSwap outlined in the tweet.


Comparing the statistics on the graphic above and our previous article on BiSwap’s performance in February, BiSwap’s trading volume has increased by more than $10 billion within a month. The surge in trading volume is most certainly connected to the listing of the platform’s BSW token by Binance on March 21. As of April 3, the BSW token was BNB Chain’s most traded token, with $1 Billion worth of tokens traded in just a single day.

Being listed on Binance––the world’s biggest exchange––has helped BiSwap attain these new records. However, before the listing, BiSwap’s push for new collaborations and multi-chain expansion had already created momentum around the platform for positive market action. As the platform continues to build and, combined with the network effect of being listed on Binance, one could expect that the records we have today are already on their way to being broken.

What is BiSwap:

BiSwap is a decentralized exchange platform for swapping BEP-20 tokens on BNB Chain. It introduced a first-of-its-kind 3-type referral scheme where users earn rewards whenever their referrals take part in farms, launchpools, or make swaps.

BiSwap charges 0.1% transaction fees which is one of the lowest in BSC and aims to be a benchmark for decentralized exchanges. 

Where to find BiSwap:

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Github | Telegram 

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